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Mini-Numerical: The 2013 Baylor Bears

Just a few numbers of varying degrees of importance related to your Baylor Bears.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even going to try to take credit for some of these observations, since I picked them up from twitter and other places. I will try to give credit where I can. In the comments, add your shocking statistical quirks about this team!

282 -- The number of points scored by the Baylor Bears so far this season. For reference, Baylor keeps stats at for every season from 2000 on. Our season totals from 2000 through 2009: 139, 205, 202, 191, 224, 236, 283 (2006), 218, 336 (RGIII as a freshman), 249.

3118 -- Total yards in 2013 through 4 games. Season totals from 2000 through 2009: 2440, 3416, 4019, 3377, 3430, 3497, 3782, 4215, 4517, 4115.

70.5 -- Points per game for Baylor in 2013. The NCAA records for points in a season are as follows:

-- (9 games) 504—Army, 1944
-- (10 games) 466—Oklahoma, 1956
-- (11 games) 589—Houston, 1989
-- (12 games) 624—Nebraska, 1983
-- (13 games) 652—Texas, 2005
-- (14 games) 716—Oklahoma, 2008

The Oklahoma record is the one everyone talks about. Assuming Baylor plays 13 games (the maximum possible, since we don't have a conference championship), Baylor will need to average 48.333_ over the next 9 games to break it. The official record for points per game in a season is held by the 1944 Army team, at 56.0. To break that record, Baylor must score 729 points overall, or 49.666_ over its last 9 games.

779.5 -- Yards per game for Baylor in 2013. The NCAA record is 624.9, held by the 1989 Houston Cougars. To break that record, Baylor must average 556.3333_ over its last 9 games.

229.6 -- Bryce Petty's NCAA-leading passing efficiency rating. Russell Wilson set the NCAA record for passing efficiency in a season in 2011 with 191.8.

617 -- Total yards in the first half against WVU. That's more than all but two teams average per game in 2013 (Baylor and Oregon). It's also the most by any team in a single half in the last 10 years. Much of it came in the first quarter, where Baylor racked up 367 yards. That is the most in a single quarter by any team in the last 10 years.

864 -- Total yards against West Virginia, a new Baylor and Big 12 record, as well as a record for yards given up by a West Virginia team (150+ more than the previous record). Baylor has now tied or broken the previous record for yardage in every game this season.

52.3 -- The average yardage gained on Bryce Petty's 10 TD passes in 2013.

9 -- 60 yard plays for Baylor this season, by far the most in the country. The rest of the Big 12 has 13.

31 -- Touchdowns scored by the first-team offense this season in 36 drives, excluding drives taking place at the end of a half.

31 -- Straight Baylor games with > 400 yards of total offense, the most in the country.

689 -- Yards gained by the first-team offense in 10 drives, spanning 68 plays, against WVU.

62 -- % of third downs converted by Baylor's offense. I'm actually a little surprised this number isn't higher. That's #2 in the country, just behind Louisville at 62.5%.

9.62 -- Yards per play for Baylor's offense as a whole, nearly a yard and a half better than the #2 team, Florida State.

11.1 -- Yards per touch for Lache Seastrunk. I had to get him on here.

10.3 -- Tackles for loss per game for Baylor through 4 games, the most in the country. Shawn Oakman leads the team with 9. He only has 14 tackles overall.

17 -- Baylor's rank in total defense through 4 games this season. Baylor is giving up an average of 321.3 yards per game, meaning we gain 458.2 yards more than we give up. There's an entire team hidden in there.

7 -- Quarters played this season in which Baylor has scored 28 points. Prior to this season, Baylor had scored 28 points in a quarter 7 times ... ever.

1 -- Baylor's rank in both passing and rushing yardage against FBS opponents this season. You probably knew this already, but you can use it the next time people say we're just a passing team.

0 -- 3 and outs for the Baylor offense, first or second, this season. I've looked and looked, but I can't find anyone that tracks this stat on a team basis. Baylor should try, if they can. Not going three and out contributes to...

0 -- Punts fielded by Baylor opponents this season. Spencer Roth doesn't get much work, but he still manages to lead the country in punting average.

Anything I missed?