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Baylor Rolls Kansas, in GIFs!

Another ho hum Saturday for Art Brile's machine.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The first two drives and the fourth quarter aside, Baylor dominated once again and here were Baylor Nation's reactions:

When we had a 3 and out to start the game.

We had to punt ... again?

When Tevin Reese caught the 60 yarder to get us on the board.

Lache Seastrunk 29 yard scamper to the endzone.


Kansas fans when they got their first first down.

When the announcers started doing their regular "convince the average viewer to stay interested after Baylor goes up by 21 points in the first quarter" routine.

When we took out our starters in the third quarter.

That weird fumble play.

Shock Linwood out of nowhere.

When Tech fans reverted back to using "Gaylor" as their punchline.

We're looking at you now, Sooners

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