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Call to Action: Buy OU Tickets Before Friday

The Baylor AD has already confirmed that the Tarp, subject of so much scorn and derision over the past few years, is coming off for the game against UT on December 7. But if you want it to come off for the Thursday night game against OU on November 7, there's something you can do: buy tickets.

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The subject of the BEAR COUNTRY tarp has long been a sore one with Baylor fans, and a popular subject of criticism from those around us. Now, with two home games remaining in FCS history, we have a chance to rid ourselves of it forever. If you want it gone for the nationally-televised game against OU, possibly one of the biggest in Baylor history to date, all you have to do is buy a ticket and attend the game. Well, you and 1699 of your closest friends, I guess.

This week's 46,800+ showing for Homecoming apparently did more than help our team to victory, it showed the Powers That Be that Baylor's fanbase wants, nay needs, that tarp removed. So now, unofficially, they are opening things up for Baylor Nation to step up once again. Buy 1,700 tickets before this coming Friday and the Tarp could be gone. The gauntlet has been thrown down, Bears.

If you're wondering why it has to be done by this Friday, I'm fairly sure it's a concessions/facilities question. Baylor already announced that they are bringing in additional portable toilets and concessions stands for the UT game, when the tarp will be gone, to handle the extra people. Our stadium as currently constituted is not conducive to people seated in that area, making pulling the tarp a lot more difficult than it sounds. That's why they need the advance notice. Also, so they can put up replacement signs/notices telling people whose country this is.

Buy your tickets!

10/23 UPDATE:

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