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Yves Missi, 5-Star Center, Reclassifies To Join Baylor MBB 2023 Class

Baylor MBB keeps up the recruiting momentum. Yves Missi a top 25 player in the 2024 recruiting class, reclassifies and joins the 2023 already LOADED class

Instagram: @yves.missi


Yves Missi has reclassified to the 2023 class and will be on Baylor’s Campus this fall, joining a STACKED recruiting class featuring Ja’Kobe Walter, Miro Little, and VCU transfer Jayden Nunn. If you read my initial Yves Missi commitment article a lot of this is redundant, as much of the analysis has stayed the same, albeit with a more immediate impact.

Missi is a MASSIVE get for Coach Drew and his recruiting staff...shout out to Coach Brooks, Coach Jakus, and many more. Missi chose Baylor after narrowing his top three schools to Baylor, Stanford, and Texas. Missi’s commitment originally gave Baylor the #1 Recruiting Class in 2024. Ever since his commitment, there were rumors swirling that Missi would reclassify and join the Class of 2023; and reclassify he did.

Recruiting websites all vary on ratings, stars, etc, all of the following metrics are from 247Sports. According to 247Sports Composite, Missi is a 5-Star player, with a rating of 0.9929, this only goes to 1.0, so yes very good. Missi is the 15th ranked player in the country, 3rd ranked Center in the country, and 3rd ranked player in the state of California.

Missi is currently a Junior and attends Prolific Prep in Napa Valley, CA. Prolific Prep is the #1 High School Boys Basketball Team in America.

Brief Background

Missi made his way to Prolific Prep after spending his younger years in Belgium, Cameroon, and Maryland before moving to California to finish his high school career. Missi has only been playing basketball for about a year. This speaks to his work ethic, natural talent, and heart; all of which are displayed when you watch the kid hoop.

Last year Missi burst on to the scene as a college, and NBA prospect. While playing at West Nottingham in Maryland, Missi showed out at the Northeast Preview, which jumpstarted his recruiting journey. Just over a year and a half later, Missi is a 5-Star prospect and was a force for Prolific Prep.

Yves Missi Eye Test

Now this is my absolute favorite part of writing for OurDailyBears. I get to overreact and draw insane comparisons that will absolutely come true. Here’s what I see from Yves Missi.

Missi is an elite shot blocker, and not just at the rim. He has the ability to contest jump-shots and play solid defense at the perimeter with disciplined footwork. There was a possession on tape where Missi blocked a shot at the rim, the offense rebounded the ball, kicked the ball to a shooter in the corner, and Missi closed out to make a block on the three ball in the same possession.

Missi runs the floor with purpose, which is key for a Center. The expectation for a Center isn’t to space the floor and run with pace, but instead to go from rim to rim and seal the defender. Missi does this with near flawless execution. By sealing his defender early in the possession Missi gives the offense easy looks almost every time down the floor.

Missi is a great finisher in the paint. He opts for dunks over layups, and has great hands on dump off passes from his teammates. His quick feet and first jump also make him a deadly put-back threat.

This is just a quick eye test, but I couldn’t be more excited to have Missi in green and gold, he is the perfect modern day big. Now I get to make my comparison...Yves has the same game as Robert Williams on the Boston Celtics, you know like the best rim protector and lob threat in the NBA?

Some icing on the cake...he can shoot corner 3’s?


A somewhat bittersweet, difficult, and uncertain offseason has taken a turn for the better. Yves Missi’s reclassification brings a much needed spark to the roster, and fan base that very much needed it.

Will Missi be an impact player on day one? Maybe not. Does Missi have one of the highest ceilings on the roster? Definitely yes.