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OurDailyBears Bracket Challenge!

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Baylor v Gonzaga Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

Welcome everyone, to March Madness. It’s time to break out your favorite tried and true method of bracket creation, one that will certainly bring you dominance this time around, and who knows, maybe even grab that elusive perfect bracket that a rare few have ever accomplished. This is your year! You know it, it’s just time to prove it. Whether you pick based on KenPom, NET, your own carefully curated algorithm, or if you just choose based on the cuteness of each team’s mascot, you can put your choosing skills to the test in the OurDailyBears Bracket Challenge!

To enter, simply click the link below, use password “drewtangcrew”, choose the winners of each game, and watch as you dominate the field with your amazing surprise picks that no one else saw coming!

Click Here to Enter the 2022 OurDailyBears Bracket Challenge

This year, you’re not just entering for a chance to brag to all your fellow Baylor fans, no, this time it’s for something real, something tangible. The winner of this year’s bracket challenge will receive their very own “DrewTang Crew” T-Shirt!

Just look at that beauty, designed in-house here at OurDailyBears. It’s the perfect piece of clothing for any basketball fan, especially fans who are used to championship level performances. So enter today, and share with your friends too. Let’s get ready for the madness!