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KneeGate, A Collection of Poems

As told by the ODB Contributor Team

The ODB team was as appalled by Matthew Mayer’s very on purpose knee to Tanner Groves’ face as the rest of the nation was…sike.

To pay homage to the absurdity that was the ESPN+ crew and all of OU twitter’s reaction to an inadvertent knee to the face, the ODB team decided to tell the tale of KneeGate. The infamous story that will go down in NCAAM Basketball lore.

Below are a series of thoughtful and heartfelt poems, we hope you enjoy.

“Ye olde Matt Mayer Time”

Branden MacKinnon

There once was a man named Matt Mayer

He had springs in his legs, a high flyer

He jumped in the lane for a rebound

A caveman’s head his knee found

The state of Oklahoma was shook

The replay officials took another look

The ruling was that contact was incidental

Had the ESPN announcers temperamental

The Bears went on Drews patented run

Annihilating the Sooners, such fun

“Groves meets Mayer, in Iambic Tetrameter”

Cody Orr

Forward Tanner Groves took a knee

From Matt Mayer, he could not see

Groves b*tched to the ref, got a T

And Baylor Bears won by fourteen

“The Bended Knee”

Noelle Kakimoto

Chestnut hairs sealed his eyes from their milky limbs whipping through the air

One step, two toward the apricot orb leaping between twenty hands

Mayer surged among the plenty, many men reaching for the same amber award

A bended knee to Grover’s head extended one second

The Sooner’s bitter tongue shrieking at the striped

His technicality bearing the Bears’ winning destiny


Joe Goodman

Groves face hit a knee

Mayer flew into his head

Announcers appalled

“The ODB Knee”

Deonte Epps

We at ODB

Saw a connect from head to knee

Mayer did it yeah we saw

BU got the dub, that is all

“A Matthew Mayer Sea Shanty” to the tune of The Wellerman

Peter Pope

There once was a ship that put to sea

The name of the ship was Mathew Mayer’s Knee

When Groves looked up, the Knee went down

Oh blow the announcers did bloooow

Soon may the Mullet Man come

To bring us free throws and threes and fun

One day when the kneeing is done

They’ll take their L’s and go!

“The Golden Knee”

Scott Byrne (BNT)

Mayer’s delivered a blow to Groves face with his knee,

Upon which Groves couldn’t see

Super pissed was he

Ended up getting a T

Making OU all mad

The announcers so sad

Who said the game difference was Mayer’s golden (and green) knee

Hee, hee, hee