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Baylor Villanova in Tweets

Let’s see how Twitter felt about one of the best matchups of the season.

Villanova v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Baylor community looked at their calendars in horror this weekend when they realized there was no football. How could this be! This would be the worst possible circumstance for some fanbases, but all Baylor fans had to do was look past Saturday and realize that the end of weekly football means basketball is officially in full swing! This weekend our Bears continued the defense of their national title against one of the top teams in the country, #6 Villanova, possibly the biggest game in the history of the Ferrel Center. Let’s find out how our Sunday went, through the eyes of one of the craziest places on the internet: Twitter.

This was a HUGE game with a lot on the line, as top ranked Purdue dropped a game, opening the door for Baylor to take the number one spot.

But the Bears weren’t the only ones looking for glory in this one…

A top 6 matchup, all the national folks were fired up, and fans of bad NFL teams had something to actually watch on Sunday.

You’d think most folks would be picking the higher ranked squad who’s undefeated and defending a title to win, but not everyone…

We’ve also heard recently that our fans don’t attend basketball games, let’s check in to see if anyone in Waco decided to catch the game.

Ok, so people showed up. But was there any good luck or Baylor royalty in the house?

Alright, that’s some good stuff, but what about championship moms, any special requests from them?

Guys, I’m starting to get a good feeling about this one. Next thing you’ll tell me is we had one of the greatest ambassadors for the sport of college basketball in the house for his first trip to Waco. Oh wow! That also appears to be the case!

Dickie V is a special person. No matter how you feel about him behind a mic, there’s no question this game wouldn’t be the same without him, and we can all be proud of the reception Baylor gave him Sunday.

Learn more about the V Foundation and what Dickie V has dedicated so many years of his life to promote.

Ok, it got a little dusty in here, let’s clear our eyes and remember there’s also a basketball game happening. Now that we’ve established the fans are in the building, I wonder what kind of atmosphere they created.

I don’t know if there’s ever been a time that Dickie V wasn’t LOUD ENOUGH. The fans brought it for this game. And from what I can tell, they had a little help getting fired up in the Bear Pit.

The Bears channeled that energy into a stifling defensive performance. The athleticism and length that we’ve heard about all season was in full effect in this game. It appears Scott Drew might have something special brewing in Waco. Again.

After one of the most dominant defensive performances in a half that I’ve ever seen, the Bears lead 25-15. Fifteen points. That’s it. Fifteen. I can’t say that enough. The number 6 team in the country, who by some metrics had the 4th best offense in the country, walked into Waco, played basketball for 20 minutes, and scored FIFTEEEN points.

But how! They lost so much from last year’s team! Tell em about it Dickie V.

Maybe, just maybe, Nova could figure this thing out in the second half. They’re just down 10, that’s not a crazy amount to make up. Unless, of course, your basketball team lifts with the football team.

Some of you may be wondering if Jay Wright walked into the halftime locker room and gave the greatest speech ever, and his team said we didn’t come all the way from Philadelphia to get embarrassed by scrubby little Baylor. But I’m here to tell you, that did not happen. Second half, more of the same stifling, suffocating defense.

We even heard in the tournament last season that MAYBE the game we played against Nova would’ve gone differently if they had their star point guard Collin Gillespie. Unfortunately for them, not the case…

Also, Nova decided it would be a good idea to try to dunk on Flo Thamba. I cannot tell you how much I recommend NOT trying to dunk on Flo Thamba.

One of the most dominant defenses performances I’ve ever seen. But the people were looking for more. The crowd was loud, sure, but they wanted to EXPLODE. Enter Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua.

Beasts. Tough guys. Bullies. This Baylor team isn’t looking to make you feel good about yourself.

The game ended, Bears win 57-36. THIRTY-SIX POINTS. This is basketball. Guys who learned how to play the game using peach baskets are amazed. How do you hold a team to thirty-six points?! Well, it’s not all that common apparently.

Now, let’s take just a minute to soak in some of the compliments our team got. Go ahead, grab a nice cup of tea and sit in your favorite chair, this is the fun part.

To be fair, Evan did try to warn us this might happen.

And how is the other team feeling?

Your Bears are undefeated, dominant, and now officially the undisputed and unanimous number one team in the country. Scott Drew has built a culture that’s here to last. And to a certain fanbase I’ve seen looking ahead on their calendar, begging for their chance to dethrone us, I’ll leave you with this.

We may never lose again. Sic ‘Em Bears.