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NCAA Tournament 2016: Baylor Receives #5 Seed in West Region

The Bears will play Yale on Thursday in Providence, Rhode Island. Duke (probably) awaits them as the #4 seed if the Bears can avoid the 12-5 upset.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

A few minutes ago, Baylor fans found out that they will be joining several conference and in-state rivals in the West Region of the 2016 NCAA Tournament as the #5 seed in that region.  That's actually better than most expected, probably because we play in the best conference in the land by far. Our First Round matchup is the #12 seed Yale Bulldogs, who won the Ivy League this year.

Joining Baylor in the West Region are several teams Baylor already played this season, including Oregon (as the #1 seed), Oklahoma (#2), Texas A&M (#3), and Texas (#6).  More importantly, Duke is also in there as the #4 seed, and the team Baylor will most likely play on Saturday if we can win Thursday. Here's the full bracket of that region:

Because they chose to do this in the most time-consuming way possible, the Selection Show is still going on CBS as we speak, so there are regions left to announce that probably contain one or more Big 12 teams.  For right now, only the West and South have been announced, and the big news from the South is that Kansas, the Big 12 Champion, received the #1 overall seed.  Oregon (in our region), UNC (in the East), and Virginia (Midwest) are the other three #1 seeds in the Tournament.

Also, check out the Baylor reaction to the seeding announcement below. #SicEm