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Baylor Basketball's Rico Gathers is going to give the NFL a shot

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Gathers will attempt to make the crossover and work out for a few NFL teams this coming spring.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rico to the NFL (potentially). That's some interesting news right there.

Anyone that has watched a Baylor men's basketball game in the last four years knew this might end up happening; it's impossible to listen and not hear talk of his potential as a football player.  Add to that recent rumors swirling that he might give it a shot on the Baylor side, where he'd have another year of potential eligibility if he changed sports, and you have something.  But now we have actual confirmation from Rico himself of interest in the sport, including the statement that "Football has been in my heart."  Can't get much more explicit than that.

ESPN's Schefter says that Rico wanted to work out at Baylor's Pro Day on March 16, but the NCAA Tournament will (hopefully) be happening about that time, making it impossible.  Rico says he's going to work out separately and meet with a few NFL teams that have already expressed interest.

Since nobody that I know of has seen him play since he was 14 years old, it's hard to know what kind of impact Rico could have.  The obvious spot for him to play is tight end, where, as the ESPN piece notes, several other basketball players have successfully made the transition.  But how good he might be at it is basically a complete mystery.

Or, maybe he gives QB a go based off that insane buzzer-beater shot (kidding, of course).