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UPDATE: Big XII Basketball Media Day

The Bears made their way to Kansas City

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Media Day Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball season is drawing near. How close, you ask? Well, media days are here! Baylor’s Scott Drew, Ish Wainright, Al Freeman, and Johnathan Motley made their way up to Kansas City to chat with the media, take selfies, answer Twitter questions, and just have a grand ole time.

First, I want you all to see and understand that Ish Wainright is the leader of this team. The sole senior, he’s there to stand apart and show the youngins how it’s done. He bears the crown of responsibility and carries the sword of judgement. He also got the dope neon glasses. With age comes privilege.

Scott Drew had this to say about my favorite Bear to hype four years running:

We’ve known Ish has been a charismatic presence off the floor since he arrived in Waco. My hopes are high his impact on the floor will start to reach similar levels.

I mean, a true leader.

And let’s hope that the Baylor Family shows up in support.

There really isn’t too much to take away from the media day just yet. Where football media days tend to be serious with a well-honed media, basketball tends to have a lighter atmosphere, easier questions, and a friendlier media. For those wanting to see what Coach Drew had to say at his press conference, check out this link.

We’ll try to update this post as Baylor releases more videos and interviews.


Ish delivered, y’all. Also, Holly Rowe is one of the great people.

Here also is Baylor’s Behind the Scenes video, featuring great dancing and the most magisterial sic’em you’ve ever seen.