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Selection Sunday is less than 7 weeks away. How does Baylor stack up?

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year once again when the college basketball world gets engulfed in bracket talk. Who is on the bubble? Who are the top seeds? Why the heck is my team ranked so low? So I decided to give it my own shot here.

I've got Baylor as a 6 seed if the tournament were to start today, and I've seen BU anywhere from a 4 seed to an 8 in other brackets that have been released today. The Bears have a couple of high quality wins and all of their losses have come against teams that are in the top 8 of the RPI. There's still a long way to go in the season, but Baylor is comfortably in the tournament field as of right now, and one of seven Big 12 teams that made my field of 68.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! I'm going to try to put one of these together every week for the rest of the regular season.

Louisville, KY
Los Angeles, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL
Oklahoma City, OK St. Louis, MO Raleigh, NC Des Moines, IA
1 Oklahoma 1 Kansas 1 North Carolina 1 Iowa
16 CS Bakersfield/TX Southern 16 Navy 16 Wagner/Hampton 16 Weber State
8 St. Mary's 8 Michigan 8 Colorado 8 Texas
9 Florida 9 Butler 9 St. Joseph's 9 Wichita State
Denver, CO Denver, CO Spokane, WA Spokane, WA
5 Duke 5 Oregon 5 Providence 5 USC
12 Monmouth 12 San Diego State 12 Oregon State/Cincinnati 12 Arkansas-Little Rock
4 Arizona 4 Kentucky 4 Iowa State 4 Louisville
13 UAB 13 William & Mary 13 Chattanooga 13 Hawaii
Des Moines, IA Brooklyn, NY Providence, RI Raleigh, NC
*6 Baylor* 6 Purdue 6 Utah 6 Indiana
11 Seton Hall 11 Connecticut 11 Syracuse 11 UCLA/Texas Tech
3 Michigan State 3 Miami 3 West Virginia 3 Virginia
14 Stony Brook 14 South Dakota State 14 Princeton 14 Belmont
St. Louis, MO Oklahoma City, OK Brooklyn, NY Providence, RI
7 Notre Dame 7 Dayton 7 Pittsburgh 7 South Carolina
10 California 10 Gonzaga 10 Valparaiso 10 George Washington
2 Xavier 2 Texas A&M 2 Maryland 2 Villanova
15 Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 15 North Florida 15 UNC-Asheville 15 Northern Illinois