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The Revivalry: Shootyhoops Edition

A closer look at the Baylor/TCU rivalry on the hardwood

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you've been in hiding for the past few years, you are aware that the Baylor Bears and TCU Horned Frogs are not exactly best of friends on the football field. It is a rivalry that has picked up serious steam with TCU joining the Big 12 in 2012 and the two teams playing epic games on what seems like an annual basis now. Not to mention, there has been some...let's just say "heated" discussions between the two fanbases. The football rivalry has never been more intense in its 116 year history than it is right now. But what about on the basketball court?

Well the teams first met all the back in 1908 when TCU's campus was still located across town in Waco before moving to Fort Worth permanently in 1910. Baylor beat TCU that day by a score of 37-6, which was a larger margin of victory than Baylor had over two other Waco area opponents that season: Waco High School and the Waco YMCA. No really, it's in the Baylor basketball media guide. I wouldn't lie to you. The Bears also beat the Horned Frogs twice in the 1912 season in which Baylor finished 13-0, the only undefeated season in program history. TCU won the first meeting in Fort Worth in 1915 and the schools began regularly playing each other when TCU joined Baylor in the Southwest Conference in 1923.

And while these two programs do not have the strongest pedigrees when it comes to basketball history (let's face it: TCU hasn't won an NCAA Tournament game since 1987 and Baylor once had a similar streak that lasted 60 years), there have been some rather noteworthy moments. On February 20, 1979, Vinnie Johnson set a school record by dropping 50 points in a 109-72 Baylor win over the Frogs at Heart O' Texas Coliseum. And despite some of the prolific scorers that we've had at Baylor before and throughout the Scott Drew era, nobody has come particularly close to touching Vinnie's record. Ironically, Vinnie also set a Baylor record in that game with 11 turnovers. Valentine's Day 1995 was also a memorable day for Baylor as the Bears hit twenty 3 pointers in a 111-104 thriller over the Frogs. Nelson Haggerty had 18 assists for BU, the most any Bear has ever accumulated in a conference game. Kurt Thomas also poured in 36 points for TCU, which is the most a Frog has ever scored in a game against Baylor.

The two programs were a family business from 1987-1992, with Gene Iba coaching Baylor while his cousin Moe Iba was the head man in Fort Worth over the same stretch. Moe got the better of Gene during that time, winning 7 of the 12 meetings. But when the SWC broke up in 1996, the Revivalry largely went dormant. Baylor and TCU played 3 times between 1998 and 2002 with the Frogs winning all 3, but the matchup didn't happen again until TCU was invited into the Big 12 in 2012. And how has that gone for TCU you might ask? Well...

  • 1/12/2013: Baylor 51 TCU 40
  • 1/26/2013: Baylor 82 TCU 56
  • 1/11/2014: Baylor 88 TCU 62
  • 2/12/2014: Baylor 91 TCU 58
  • 3/12/2014: Baylor 76 TCU 68
  • 1/10/2015: Baylor 66 TCU 59
  • 2/4/2015: Baylor 77 TCU 57