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Freshman PG King McClure Bounces Back from Potentially Career-Ending Diagnosis

This morning, Bleacher Report published an article about the gem of Baylor's 2015 MBB recruiting class that is simultaneously awe-inspiring and slightly terrifying.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

More than a year ago, the basketball world watched as former Baylor player Isaiah Austin announced that he had been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition known as Marfan's Syndrome that would end his NBA career before it ever really began.  Today, Bleacher Report's Jason King published an incredible story about true freshman PG King McClure, and how his career nearly went down a similar path.

According to the article, McClure was diagnosed in June of this year with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that can result in sudden cardiac arrest during strenuous athletic activity.  For most athletes, it is a career-ending condition.  But for McClure, who found out through a second and third opinion that he had a relatively mild form of HCM, that wouldn't be the case.  His doctors told him instead that he would be able to play following certain "preventative measures" designed to reduce his risk.  He hasn't yet begun practicing with the team, according to King, and so he isn't with them on their trip in Canada right now, but apparently he will, someday.

Check out the article linked above.  There's a ton of great information there about how McClure's family reacted to the news and how Baylor handled things on its end that is worth your time.