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Baylor Basketball Debuts New Uniform Combinations on Twitter

Yeah, I made this an entire post just so I could add a poll to it, what of it?

Baylor Basketball

Lost in all the revelry around our football team -- which ESPN's Brad Edwards said today is the best in the country, apparently -- is the swiftly approaching 2015-2016 men's basketball season.  And during that season, Baylor will wear new threads courtesy of Nike that incorporate one of the lesser-liked aspects of the football uniforms (the shoulder claw) as a main feature of one pair of the shorts.  Here's what Baylor MBB released on Twitter.

The picture, which is a little strange in orientation, has four uniform combinations: traditional green and gold highlighter, white, black with the bear claw on the shorts, and black with highlighter.  Vinnie Johnson would look as at home in these uniforms as Rico Gathers, clearly.

I'm curious what the response is going to be from the Baylor faithful to these uniform combinations.  Though I've poked a little fun at them in this post, I honestly love them.  But you guys knew that because I'm like a child and love new things.  The zubaz is clearly and mercifully gone, but the highlighter (known as #ReVolt in the Nike lexicon) remains in its stead.