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Watch Isaiah Austin's Dream Again Halftime Recognition

Miss the Halftime Recognition for Isaiah Austin? The Baylor Athletics Youtube account has you covered.

In case you missed it, Isaiah Austin was honored last night at halftime of the Baylor Bears men's basketball game against Kansas. Last night was #DreamAgain Night, with free Dream Again t-shirts being handed out to the first 4,000 fans to get to the Ferrell Center. At halftime, Austin was honored by Baylor. This is the video that they showed, plus the halftime recognition and the speeches of both his mother, Lisa Green, and Isaiah himself. I dare you not to watch this whole video with dry eyes.

With just days remaining before the NBA Draft, Austin was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects connective tissue, effectively ending Isaiah's professional basketball career before it ever began. The NBA honored him during the draft in one of the most moving draft moments I've ever witnessed, when commissioner Adam Silver singled out Austin and called his name as the NBA's selection in the draft. Since then, Austin has been working as a student assistant for the basketball team. We learned earlier this fall that the popular NBA 2K basketball video game series would make Austin a playable free agent within the game.

In addition to working as a student assistant for the basketball team, Austin now is traveling, promoting the "Higher America" program. He reportedly has a standing job offer from Adam Silver and the NBA upon graduation.