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New Arena Next for Baylor Basketball?

Did Baylor AD Ian McCaw drop a bomb in the middle of a wide-ranging profile of the men's basketball program with Dennis Dodd?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A few minutes ago, I posted a fanshot of the latest from CBSSports' Dennis Dodd, an article calling Baylor the "best-kept secret left in the [NCAA] tournament" and Scott Drew a "43-year old March master in the making."  Somewhat hidden in that piece, which is outstanding in every respect, was something that made me decide to front-page this story: an apparent statement by Baylor AD Ian McCaw about the future of Baylor Basketball.  Rather innocuous in the larger context about Scott Drew's postseason success and the growth of the program generally, this might be the most important thing (at least to me) in the entire piece:

AD Ian McCaw says the next order of business is getting a new basketball arena.

Whoa.  I'd heard rumors recently that some kind of renovation might be on the table, but I didn't expect the idea of an entirely new arena to be taken seriously.  If we can take this statement at face value, and I have no reason to believe we can't, it is.  I have to believe McCaw, who is typically very careful with his words, wouldn't say it if it wasn't actually being looked at.

With the incredible success of the football program, both on the field with a Big 12 Championship and off it in terms of fundraising success and increased prestige, it makes sense that the University would turn its eyes now to building a better home for our basketball programs.  This news makes it seem like that might be happening.

I'm thinking the "Dr. Pepper Coliseum" sounds about right.