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NCAA Tournament 2014 | Baylor to the Sweet Sixteen, in .GIFs!

Another even numbered year, another Sweet Sixteen ...

My reaction when people started asking for a GIF post.

Wisconsin fans when they see that Brady, Kenny and Royce went 11/14 from three.

The commentator points out for the 100th time that Isaiah Austin only has one eye.

All of the students who went to San Antonio yesterday in the dining halls today.

When you hear, "We'll just shoot Baylor out of its zone defense" ... and it's March.

When Isaiah Austin lobbed it up for Cory Jefferson

Doug McDermott trying to score against Baylor.

Baylor and Iowa State to the rest of the Big 12

Every time someone makes a "Baylor Gonna Baylor" joke and they tag Pat Forde.

All of the "Scott Drew Can't Coach" crowd after the Creighton game.

When Steve Kerr called Creighton "JV"

A Nebraska fan caught in the middle of a Baylor section when Tim Miles got ejected.

When you are the only one in your office pool that had Baylor going to the Sweet Sixteen

Scott Drew to all of the pundits who are now coming back with compliments.

Greg McDermott to Creighton fans during the game.

The rest of Texas to Baylor Athletics right now.

Baylor Nation between now and Thursday.

Kenny Chery when asked if he has ever had MJ's "secret stuff"

How does it feel to be a Baylor Bear right now?

Everyone's reaction when I ask them to post their own reactions in the comments