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NCAA Tournament 2014 | Baylor dominates Creighton 85-55 to reach Sweet Sixteen

Your Baylor Bears just beat the #3 seed in the West Region by 30 to make the Sweet Sixteen.

I normally like for my post-game writeups to hit the high points of the game, talk a bit about how things went, and then finish with either a look ahead at the next one or a short statement of how we can get better.  I'm going to dispense with most of that today because the results speak for themselves.  Tonight, the #6 seed Baylor Bears absolutely laid waste to the #3 seed Creighton Bluejays, earning Scott Drew's first win over a higher-seeded team in the NCAA Tournament and silencing many of his detractors.  The beating was so thorough, the domination so complete, that not only did Baylor lead by 20 at the half, it took until 6:41 remained in the game for Creighton to eclipse Baylor's halftime score.  The Bears were the better team in every possible respect, and as you'll see below from the tweets, praise for our much-maligned coach Scott Drew rained from virtually every corner.  Steve Kerr on the telecast summed up the game fairly well:

It's hard to put into words the coaching job Scott Drew did getting Baylor ready for this game.  The best 3-point shooting team in the country, a team basically built to beat the zone defense, went 5-24 from behind the arc.  Perhaps the frontrunner for National Player of the Year, Doug McDermott, finished the game with 15 points, nearly all of which came after the game was already over in the second half.  Tonight was just the latest incredible performance in what has become possibly the greatest in-season turnaround in CBB history, a 30-point beatdown of a favored Creighton team primed for a huge run.

Hit the link here for the full box score. All 5 Baylor starters scored in double figures and the team as a whole shot >60% from the field, including 11-18 from 3.  The Bears will now face #2 seed Wisconsin in the Sweet Sixteen.

Hope you packed a lunch.  This From the Twitterverse section could take a while:

I'll stop there, but I could go on forever. Just search "Baylor" or "Scott Drew" on twitter and see for yourself. This was the kind of performance that changes perceptions, and Baylor was on the winning side. Wisconsin is next.

Oh, that "BU" chant at the end was nice, you guys.  That was nice.