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NCAA Tournament 2014 | Baylor vs. Creighton Stats Preview


Please note that all of the stats below include Baylor's game today, once Creighton's game is updated in the database I will adjust their numbers but don't expect them to change much.

EDIT: These stats are now completely up to date.


Statistic Baylor Creighton
Effective FG % 51.3 59.4**
Turnover % 18.2 15.0*
Offensive RB % 40.8* 27.9
FTA/FGA 45.4 34.4
3pt% 38* 42.1**
2pt% 48.3 56.3*
FT% 67.8 74.5*
Efficiency 118.2* 124.7**
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No


Statistic Baylor Creighton
Effective FG % 48.6 47.8
Turnover % 15.9 14.8
Offensive RB % 32.4 27.9*
FTA/FGA 32.6* 32.7*
3pt% 36.1 33.4
2pt% 45.9 46.6
FT% 67.4 69.5
Efficiency 101.3 102.8
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No

*Top 50

1) So Creighton is good y'all. The Blue Jays are so efficient offensively that they actually are tops in the nation. This means that for once, Baylor heads into a game against a team more offensively efficient than them. How will the zone handle shooters who shoot at such a high percentage? Will we see a lot of defensive change-ups to keep Doug McDermott and company unsettled.

2) You notice that Creighton is particularly effective at keeping the other team from grabbing offensive boards. As we all know, this is a strength of our team. One of these two will have to bend or break, let's hope its Creighton.

3) Doug McBuckets gets all the media attention, and rightfully so, but he is only the third most efficient offensive player on his team. Watch out for Ethan Wragge and Jahens Manigat to fill the stat sheet.

More observations in the comments - be sure to include yours! Sic 'Em!