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NCAA Tournament 2014 | Baylor to the Third Round with 74-60 win over Nebraska

It wasn't always pretty, especially early and late, but the Baylor Bears are through to Sunday with a win over the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Around the same time that another Bears team, Mercer, was pulling off this year's biggest upset (so far?) with a 78-71 win over the Midwest Region's #3 seed Duke Blue Devils, Baylor started to pull away (before being pulled back and eventually pulling away again) in their 74-60 Second Round win over #11 seed Nebraska.  It wasn't a pretty game of basketball by any stretch with foulsonfoulsonfouls and won't be going into the annals of history as a classic, but it was yet another Baylor win, and that's fine with me.

Other than the win, though, there's not really much to be positive about from this game.  In fact, there's quite a bit that wasn't good at all.  The Bears didn't shot terribly from behind the arc (2-13), turned the ball over 13 times, and registered only one block against Nebraska's eight (8!!).  We also allowed a second half lead that was as high as 20 to dwindle down as low as 9, mostly because we had seemingly no clue how to defeat the press, and partly because we gave up 44 points after the break.  Basically, we did all the things from early in the season that lost games and none of the things from late that won them, and managed to show opponents that because we only have one guy who can really handle the ball, you can press us like crazy.  I've never been happier that Virginia Commonwealth was in a different bracket than I am right now.

Still, we won, mostly because we took and made Baylor program records in free throws (48 and 38, respectively) and Nebraska shot an ungodly number of three pointers that would have made more sense had Tim Miles been ejected before the game, rather than in the second half.  The Bears will move into the next round to face the winner of Creighton and Louisiana-Lafayette that should be tipping off very soon on TruTV, the same channel you were just watching for our game.  Keep it here in this thread for the afternoon action as we find out who the Bears will play on Sunday!

I can't help but think we're going to have to be a lot better then than we were today if we want a chance in that one.

Full box score for Baylor vs. Nebraska.

From the Twitterverse:

Look at Rico over there, loungin'.

Well he seems pretty excited about how things went.