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NCAA Tournament 2014 | Nebraska Vs. Baylor Stats Preview

The two teams have yet to play, and ultimately games are decided on the court, but the stats rarely lie.

Baylor takes on Nebraska in just a short while and so while I intended to have this up last night, I figured I would go ahead and provide a quick look at the advanced statistics for each team. Check them out, with observations underneath.


Statistic Baylor Nebrasketball
Effective FG % 51.5 48.4
Turnover % 18.2 16.8
Offensive RB % 41.1* 26.1
FTA/FGA 43.8 42.8
3pt% 38.4* 33.9
2pt% 48.2 47.1
FT% 67.1 71.9*
Efficiency 118.3* 108.3
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No


Statistic Baylor Nebrasketball
Effective FG % 48.6 47.7
Turnover % 15.9 19.0
Offensive RB % 32.9 28.9
FTA/FGA 32.7* 43
3pt% 36.7 31.9
2pt% 45.6 47.6
FT% 67.5 67.4*
Efficiency 102.1 96.1*
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No

1) What is immediate apparent is that while Baylor's offense is incredibly efficient (seventh best in the country), Nebraska's defensive efficiency is rock solid (28th in the country). Of all the story lines to be discussed, this will remain the question until the final buzzer: which of the two will rise to the occasion?

2) I do not mean this to be a shot at Nebraska, but the reality is that most of their statistical achievements are average. Even in the individual defensive statistics, they only rank in the top 50 teams in free throw percentage allowed - which actually has more to do with their homecourt fans than the team itself. This fact, along with what I have read (and briefly watched) means that Nebraska is just incredibly patient above all else.They minimize mistakes and let you make them. Like that guy who keeps beating you at Ping-Pong because you keep trying to slam it and he just gently returns everything. Baylor (Kenny Chery) needs to rely on their half court sets and trust in the one thing most people have yet to figure out is an asset for us: Coach Drew.

3) We are letting teams shoot almost 40% from behind the arc. This cannot happen today or the game will look like the last five minutes of our time in Kansas City. In the reverse, we need to set solid screens so that Heslip can terrorize from Canada. Heslip is second in the country in offensive rating. So GET HIM OPEN RICO.

More observations to come in the comments! Add yours as well.