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NCAA Tournament 2014 | ODB Yahoo! Tourney Challenge

Due to popular request, I have created a Tourney Pool on Yahoo! for ODB users. I'll come up with a prize to give the winner.

Nice Guy Scott wants you to win a billion dollars AND have fun.
Nice Guy Scott wants you to win a billion dollars AND have fun.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With so many people already talking about and filling brackets for the 2014 NCAA Tournament, I went ahead and created an ODB Tourney Challenge pool on Yahoo! for anyone from ODB (or anywhere else, I guess) that wants to participate. The link to that pool can be found here: We're using standard Yahoo! scoring in that later rounds are worth more than earlier ones because difficulty matters. I made it so that you are able to create up to 3 brackets, so go nuts!

In case anyone asks, the Quicken Loans Billion $ Bracket Challenge is also being run by Yahoo! and you can sign up for it through their service. Participating in the ODB pool does not enter you in that challenge by default, though. If you're interested in having a go there (and why wouldn't you be?), register for both at the same time. Have a little fun with us and throw your hat into the ring for a minute chance at obscene riches.

Our bracket is private, so you're going to need a password. Once again, the link and password:

Password: RG3FlorencePetty

Let me know if you have any problems! Brackets close at midnight on Wednesday (1:00 AM EST on Thursday, if "midnight on Wednesday" is too vague for you. I consider midnight to be part of the day before.).