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NCAA Tournament 2014 | Baylor draws #6 seed in West Region

A month after appearing totally dead in the water for postseason play, the Baylor Bears' turnaround was rewarded with the #6 seed in the West Region of the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Your Baylor Bears are once again in the Field of 68 for the NCAA Tournament, this time as the #6 seed in the West Region. Their first round matchup will be against an old friend in #11 seed Nebraska, who finished the season 19-12 (11-7) in the B1G. Win that game and get #3 Creighton, led by Player of the Year candidate Doug McDermott, in the Round of 32. That's where a huge pro-Baylor crowd in San Antonio could come in handy, as the Bears try to pull off what will probably be an upset (I haven't looked yet) to make the Sweet Sixteen. There, Baylor will likely play the winner of #2 seed Wisconsin and #7 Oregon, if chalk reigns supreme.

I haven't yet found a great graphic showing our portion of the West Region, but SB Nation had the following for the other side. As a #6 seed, Baylor could face the #2 in the Sweet Sixteen as mentioned above but couldn't hit the #1 in our bracket, Arizona, until the Elite 8. Considering I could easily see Arizona win the whole thing this year, that keeps with our pattern of even years. Here is that portion of our region.

The Big 12 as a whole ended up with 6 7 teams in the Tournament this year, the most in the country. 4 other conferences put 4 in the field. From what I can tell, the Big 12's seeds worked out as follows:

Kansas #2 (South) vs. #15 Eastern Kentucky
Iowa State #3 (East) vs. #14 North Carolina Central
Oklahoma #5 (West) vs. #12 North Dakota State
Baylor #6 (West) vs. #11 Nebraska
Texas #7 (Midwest) vs. #10 Arizona State
Oklahoma State #9 (West) vs. #8 Gonzaga
Kansas State #9 (Midwest) vs. #8 Kentucky

That's a pretty strong field of teams for the conference. Kansas' struggles sans-Joel Embiid cost them a chance at a #1 seed, but if he comes back, they have to be considered quite formidable. Iowa State is playing as well as anyone in the country and coming off a Big 12 Tournament win. Baylor has won 10 of 12 and has one of the easier paths. Who knows what Texas will do.

In the coming days, before the Tournament begins, I'll do my best to break down our West Region and pit Baylor against all of our potential opponents. Obviously, the big roadblock to the Sweet Sixteen is Creighton, but I don't think they play a lot of teams that use a zone defense. We'll just have to see.

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