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NCAA Tournament 2014 | Selection Sunday Open Thread

The official selection show is coming up on CBS very shortly. Vote below for what seed you think the Bears will get!

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As of this moment, I'm seeing a lot of Baylor #7s in the same region as Virginia as the #2. That would be a really bad thing, imo. We should hope Michigan State beats Michigan in the B1G Championship to elevate Virginia to a #1.

CBSSports: Baylor #7 in Buffalo (Florida #1, Virginia #2)
ESPN Lunardi: Baylor #7 in Raleigh (Michigan #1, Virginia #2)
SB Nation: Baylor #6 in San Antonio (Florida #1, Duke #2)
USA Today: Baylor #7 in Raleigh (Arizona #1, Virginia #2)
NBCSports: Baylor #7 in San Antonio (Arizona #1, Virginia #2)

That's just a few I found while looking quickly. If you know of more, reputable brackets, please post them in the comments!

The Selection Show is on CBS starting at 5:00 PM.