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Big 12 Tournament 2014 | Baylor vs. OU Statistical Preview

On to the next one.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Taking a look at the statistics below, one will quickly notice that statistically speaking, Baylor holds the overall edge. However, with the Sooners sporting a 23-8 overall record and a 2-0 record against the Bears, it goes to show why they actually play the games.

Check out the stats here and some observations below.


Statistic Baylor OU
Effective FG % 51.4 52.1
Turnover % 18.6 15.8*
Offensive RB % 41.5* 32.1
FTrate 43.2 41
3pt% 37.8* 38*
2pt% 48.6 49.2
FT% 66.6 75*
Efficiency 117.2* 117*
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No


Statistic Baylor OU
Effective FG % 48.5 49.2
Turnover % 16 17.7
Offensive RB % 32.1 30.3
FTrate 34.1* 37.5
3pt% 36.4 33.6
2pt% 45.6 48.6
FT% 67.7 71.2
Efficiency 101.4 99.9
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No

*Top 50 in statistical category


1) Baylor is just devastatingly efficient at securing offensive rebounds. Four in every ten missed shots result in another 35 seconds for the Bears. Oklahoma is definitely better than TCU at boxing out on defense, but until Baylor meets someone who can match their size player for player, the edge will always be Baylor's on the boards.

2) I'm not going to copy and past everything from KenPom so you should go subscribe over their if you want to see more as the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking at the individual stats Baylor has done a good job on 6'8" sophomore Ryan Spangler who nearly averages 10-10 night in and night out and that will have to continue in order to prevent a complete sweep from the Sooners. Another key will be to prevent Buddy Hield from going off again as he is averaging 19 points against us and is 9/19 from behind the arc. A healthy Kenny Chery and a neutral floor is going to help.

3) Baylor cannot let Oklahoma shoot open threes or let them get to the free throw line - both of these factors have directly contributed to the success the Sooners have had this year despite not always fielding the team with the best athletes on the floor. That is not to say that this team is not athletic (See: Isaiah Cousins as example A), but that in a loaded Big 12 it has been efficient shooting that has propelled the Sooners to the 3 seed they own.


For the comments: What do you think of Baylor's chances today? Who will have a big game?