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Big 12 Tournament 2014 | Baylor vs. TCU Statistical Preview

TCU comes into tonight's game against your Bears with the 10 seed out of 10 seeds and only a 9 percent chance of winning according to

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a quick look at some statistical primers for the first game in post-season play.

First of all, TCU has not won a game in 2014. To make matters worse, if you combined the wins against Division 1 opponents from both the football team and the men's basketball team, Art Briles and company still have more victories. Let that sink in for a minute. TCU athletics has not had a good year and this trend will probably not end tonight.

Check out the stats and findings below:


Statistic Baylor TCU
Effective FG % 51.1 44.3
Turnover % 18.5 17.7
Offensive RB % 41.2* 24.5
FTA/FGA 44 45.1
3pt% 38* 31.4
2pt% 48.1 43.2
FT% 66.4 73.5*
Efficiency 116.8* 97.3
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No


Statistic Baylor TCU
Effective FG % 48.4 50.1
Turnover % 16.1 18.9
Offensive RB % 32.2 38.6
FTA/FGA 34* 35.9
3pt% 36.2 34.4
2pt% 45.5 49.3
FT% 67.9 70.2
Efficiency 100.6 102.8
Do they have Rico Gathers? Yes No

*Top 50 in statistical category

1) Baylor is insanely good at offensive rebounding, while TCU is one of the worst at giving up offensive rebounds. Watch for a lot of second chance points for the Bears.

2) You don't see this above, but essentially for TCU: Kyan Anderson is good and then there is a huge drop off in production.

3) Baylor's biggest weakness is turning the ball over, but that is something that we have seen diminish in the latest streak even during the loss at Texas. Will we show continued improvement tonight?

What do you wish to see out of the Bears? Aside from the obvious "just win baby!"