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NCAA prohibits Baylor MBB's "Sic Em Bears" Adidas Uniforms

Because it makes its living doing stupid, unnecessary things that limit fun and enjoyment of sports, the NCAA has ruled that Baylor cannot wear its "Sic 'Em Bears" uniforms for postseason play.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Great job, NCAA.  Now the CBB world at large will be deprived of the majesty that was Baylor's new uniform from Adidas.  Glad you guys could take time out of your busy schedule of trying to kill the HUNH and wondering how best to pander to the SEC in football to make such a silly ruling.  What was the fear, that people wouldn't know who was playing?  There are only two teams on the court at any given time.  If one of them is, say, West Virginia, you know the other has to be Baylor.  Infants learn the process of elimination, but that's too hard for your officials?

Give me a break.  Instead of just letting people have fun in your premium event of the year, you make up a rule a week beforehand?

Here was the uniform in case you forgot.