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Jon Rothstein in Waco to watch Baylor Basketball

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Rothstein is in Waco today watching the roundball go through the basket and spitting hot fire on Twitter about our team.

I don't know how well this guy can shoot, but his uniform looks pretty good.
I don't know how well this guy can shoot, but his uniform looks pretty good.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I have no thoughts to add and thus cannot get to the 150-word recommended minimum for posts of this type.  Basketball is very clearly not my best sport as a fan or observer, especially since I still have that suit pending against the government for, as my father might put it, "building the sidewalk too close to my ass."  That's why I don't really go in the Season Preview-type stuff for basketball or cover it with nearly the same level of obsessive zeal, and if there's someone out there willing/capable of doing so, I'd love to talk to them.

Anyway, Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports is in Waco today to watch our Bears play.  This is the season for secret scrimmages and preseason practices, and supposedly we had one on Saturday against SMU that went pretty well.  If I can find any more information on that, I will not hesitate to share it.

One thing that I do find interesting is Rothstein's projected starting five of Kenny Chery, Royce O'Neale, Taurean Prince, Rico Gathers, and Johnathan Motley.  As we've discussed before, the Bears will have an Isaiah Austin-sized hole to fill in the middle of the defense, but that quintet should not lack in any way for athleticism, tenacity, and length on the wings.  Behind those guys, we'll also have as contributors JUCO transfers Lester Medford and Deng Deng, guard Allerik Freeman, sophomore Ish Wainright, and a couple of intriguing freshmen.  Should be quite the interesting year...

Hey, look, I made it to 257 words.