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Baylor Downs McNeese State, 80-39

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The Bears looked mighty impressive in their season opener, knocking off McNeese State by a score of 80-39.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Eleven Baylor players got to see the court tonight, and all eleven scored as the Bears whooped the McNeese State Cowboys 80-39. I had work until late this evening and didn't get to watch 85% of the game, but I got home as soon as I could to see the bench get some time, which was kind of fun to see.

First off, and most importantly: the man, the myth, the beast himself, DENG DENG lived up to his hype. He ended with 16 points and a couple boards. DENG DENG was every bit as aggressive as we could've hoped. I'll be the first to say he had a DENG good game.

Rico Gathers and Kenny Chery looked like the veterans we'll need them to be this season. Rico was physical in the paint and was hungry for rebounds. Chery's passes were on point and, as PocketChange and I made very clear in our previews, the guy can score.

Overall, like I said, I didn't get to visually see most of the game, but I followed it on Twitter from the workplace and everything I saw, I was pleased with. From what I DID see, the passing looked great. The guys looked far more formed than sloppy and I cannot stress how impressed I am. Tonight could've gone a lot worse. Iowa State beat Oakland by eleven points, so I'll gladly take this win. Essentially, Baylor looked as good as they could've for a team playing its first game together.

One of the commentators calling the game, I can't remember who, made a good point during the second half: Baylor looked great offensively against McNeese's zone defensive scheme, but South Carolina, our next opponent, is going to bring a complete man-to-man, so it will definitely be a bit of a shift. I think the team blended the best it could tonight and I have no complaints.

Lastly, I want to give a shoutout to the students. Crazy noise and energy throughout the night, and we could hear it through our TVs. Fantastic job coming out and supporting the team. The team is now 1-0 on the season, so let's go #SicSC on Tuesday night.

Since I didn't get to watch this game for the most part and have just about nothing left valuable to contribute, here are the five best tweets of the night.


Not technically from TONIGHT, but this tweet deserves some love. So much sic' em.


This one wasn't even intentional, but I guess the guy has a point,