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Fan Vote to Decide Football Uniform for Opener Against Northwestern State

Ever wanted to be the one who decides what the team wears? Now's your chance.

This afternoon the Baylor Football main Twitter account released some big news: The fans get to decide what the team wears for their opening game against Northwestern State on Friday, September 2. Fans will have three choices and three places to vote: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here's the original tweet:

Voting begins Friday, and the winning combination will be announced on Thursday, August 25th. This is the first time that the fans have ever been given the opportunity to vote on what the players will wear on game day. Granted, we are presented with a set of three choices, but that's more than we've ever been given before. Here are the choices:

Option A: Black/Green/Black
Option B: Gold/Green/Gold
Option C: Green/Green/White

The choices are pretty interesting. You've got the Black helmet look, which is a newer, edgier look. Then you've got the traditional gold/green/gold which will appease the traditionalists. Finally, you have the green/green/white, which is a very clean look to me, albeit somewhat unconventional.

What look will you be choosing?