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Lady Bears Fall Hard in Provo

Ugly game for Baylor, as it seemed that for every shot they missed, another fell on the opposite side of the court.

Jada Walker brings the ball down the court. Twitter-Baylor Women’s Basketball

The ladies missed 19 three-pointers tonight and shot 34% from the field, compared to BYU’s 52%. Darianna Littlepage-Buggs had a fantastic game inside, collecting 17 points and 12 rebounds. Double-double! Yaya Felder(15) and Jana VanGytenbeek(10) were the only others in double-digits for Baylor tonight. Felder fought hard tonight and lost a tooth on a fast break. Prayers up for her!

The Bugget only missed two shots tonight and played a hefty 32 minutes. If it weren’t for her efforts, this game would’ve been even more lopsided. Her ten defensive and two offensive boards were also quite impactful and gave the Bears some extra possessions. Player of the game, no doubt!

Jana VanGytenbeek had her most significant game of the season tonight, making three three-pointers and a free throw. She also had two assists and three rebounds. Jana always flies around when she’s in the game, so it was good to see some shots fall for her.

Our Lady Bears are back in Foster THIS SATURDAY! FIVE P.M. Be there! They need your support. This upcoming game against West Virginia is an excellent opportunity for a bounce-back and will be fun to watch. Let’s go ladies! Sic ‘em!