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Lady Bears Maul the Cougars

Everybody got in on the action today as five double-digit scorers propel Baylor past Houston with ease.

Two Baylor defenders jump in an effort to block the shot of the Houston player. Citrus County Chronicle

It seems Houston never really stood a chance in this game, as Baylor took the lead and could do no wrong. They shot above 40% from three once again and on the other side of the court, Houston shot just 27% from behind the arc. The Lady Bears smothered them in just about every category, and when that happens... a big win comes. Baylor was led by Aijha Blackwell today, who tallied a double-double while also being the team’s leading scorer. She’s been hot lately and I would hate to be the girl that has to stand across from her on the court.

Aijha kept her three-point streak going today, making the only one she took. She also hammered the boards and dominated the paint all game. She’s a scary sight when she’s playing like this. Complementing her were Felder, Andrews, Littlepage-Buggs, and filling up the stat sheet as always, Dre’una Edwards. Edwards swung the rock for 7 assists, caught 6 rebounds, and collected 13 points of her own. This team is in sync right now, and I still believe that they’ll only get better.

Lety Vasconcelos got some productive minutes today against the Cougars as well. She wasn’t able to score but collected 6 rebounds in 10 minutes. Jana VanGytenBeek also got back in on the action with 7 points and 4 assists. She also ripped away a steal on the defensive end. Every player on Baylor’s roster played at least five minutes!

This team is DIFFERENT. Nicki Collen haters are trembling. So is the rest of the Big XII. They’ve looked just about unbeatable so far, and I don’t see that changing. Hop on board now, buy stock! Their next game is against Kansas in Lawrence against the Jayhawks next Wednesday. Make sure to tune in! Sic ‘em Bears.