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NCAA Basketball: Cornell at Baylor

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Basketpod: A New Home for Hoops

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Baylor Basketball Has A New Home

The Baylor Bears have opened the beautiful Foster Pavilion as their new home on the banks of the Brazos River, just in time for the start of the Big 12 slate.

With so much going on in the college sports world, Brent and David are joined by David Fankhauser from the Arandapod side of OurDailyPodcast to talk College Football Playoff and news for the Baylor Football program.

The trio burn the Michigan State tape and address the Duke flashbacks. Next Fank gives a first hand review of Foster Pavilion after attending Baylor’s win over Cornell on Tuesday. This week’s episode includes:

• Bears’ win over Cornell in the inaugural game at Foster Pavilion

• Preview of Baylor’s Big 12 Conference opener against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in Stillwater (Saturday, 2:00pm on ESPN+)

• Preview of Baylor’s Big 12 Conference home opener against the surprise Bringham-Young Cougars in Waco (Tuesday, 8:00pm on ESPN+)

• Quick round of L-Word or F-Word?

• NEW GAME ALERT: BYU Hooper or Rodeo Champion?

Starting Five: Food, Drink, or Condiments to Pour on a Coach after a Win.

Go Bears and Sic Em!

If you have suggestions for the show or have a category you want to hear us build a Starting Five or test for legitimacy in L-Word or F-Word, drop us a line on twitter:




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