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Lady Bears Drop Third of Four to KSU

NCAA Womens Basketball: Kansas State at Baylor Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Boy did our Lady Bears come out strong today. Led by Dree Edwards in the first quarter, and Bella in the second, Baylor went into halftime with a nine-point lead! Offensive struggles in the third quarter cut this lead to just three however with one more to play. They were not able to turn the swing around and despite having multiple last-second attempts, lost 55-58. It was a major offensive struggle today, and without the two I’ve already mentioned, would have been a lot worse.

This game highly resembled our men’s basketball game against K-State. The ladies shot 21% from three, and an abysmal 53% from the stripe. You can’t win games if you don’t make your free throws, we see it time and time again as Baylor fans. Edwards was the leading scorer today with 12 points AND nearly notched a double-double(9reb). She seems to consistently give a huge effort on the board and rarely scores less than ten. She is a vital piece of this team.

Denae Fritz played for a season-high 14 minutes tonight and scored two points. Jana VanGytenbeek also saw the floor a bit and knocked down two crucial threes for six points.

Five of our girls shot threes but came up with none. It was a very off night for most of them, and shots just wouldn’t fall. The shots will start falling again, and they will work on their free throws. On to OSU! Let’s beat them Cowboys. Sic ‘em Bears.