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ODB Mailbag - Foster Is Open Edition: Answered

Baylor football portal, Baylor Men’s, Baylor Women’s, and Foster Pavilion questions answered.

What are your thoughts on Rodney Terry’s rant about UCF players flashing ‘horns down’ after they came back from a 15 point deficit to win in Austin? With both teams coming off brutal losses, how do you think it might impact Saturday’s game?

BNT: With Texas losing on the road to WVU and then at home by squandering a huge lead, the pressure is definitely on them (meaning Rodney “Charman Soft” Terry). As far as his rant, welp I’ve already addressed it as I’m going to the the game with PoppyBear and JDoso sitting in their club while enjoying a Baylor W. Here’s the text I sent them this morning

Oy what an ugly game against KSU!! How can MBB’s offense get to be more consistent? Are their struggles to be blamed on the tough conference opponents or road woes or what?

BNT: We should all know by know that every road game is going to be a dog fight. Yes, our shooting was beyond nightmarish , but what hurt just as much as taking 21 more shots that KSU and losing was our 47% from the FT line. Inexcusable. Throw in the missed dunks...ouch! And we still only lost by 4. I don’t think we see another overall shooting performance like that the rest of the season. I’m not saying we’ll set the world on fire, but we are a better shooting team than what we witnessed against the ‘Cats.

WBB have dropped a pair of tough games last week. How do they get back on track?

BNT: Getting wins on the road is tough. WBB should not have lost to Kansas, particularly the way they did. But, see my answer above about the MBB game. You gotta hit your shots. If you don’t things can get out of hand fast. ISU is a good team and we had them until the last quarter. Niki and her staff have the right players and are doing a great job with them. She’ll turn it around. The last thing to do is

Who has better odds to bring home a natty this year: the Baylor boys or Baylor ladies?

BNT: MBB. Our shooting needs to get back on track, but our D is getting better. WBB is a year away.

I love what the man-bears are doing. But why did we stop running the “no middle” defense that got us to a championship in 2021? I miss that.

BNT: The no middle is very dependent on covering back cuts and switch to impact which usually are handled by our guards. The goal of the no middle is to force to ball to the sides and not allow middle penetration. The weakness is J’kobe, who consistently gets beaten on both. We need his offense on the floor, so we have to cover for the defensive liability.

Just how good is the basketball recruiting class?

BNT: Best in Baylor MBB history. That’s right, I said it!

ODB has been pretty quiet on transfer portal additions. Who are your favorite acquisitions and why?

BNT: I think Baylor has done a great job in the portal. While we addressed filling needs on the OL, TE, and WR, QB Dequan Finn is my favorite addition. I’m not saying he’ll be the next RGIII, but he’ll bring exciting offense back to Baylor football. Heck, I’d take a mini RGIII. D did a lot of heavy lifting as well, but I’m most excited to see LB Keaton Thomas. I expect him to be a playmaker deluxe.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the Foster Pavilion?

Jenna Patteson: My favorite thing is definitely the courtside student section! I feel extremely spoiled in those seats, even though the cup holders on them are too small to hold any cup or bottle sold in the arena. Least favorite thing is the sound, I can’t understand what anyone is saying over the speakers, but I’m sure they’ll get that improved.

BNT: Starting at the HOT during the old days as a student, then moving to the Ferrell, I can say that the Foster is fantastic. I sit behind Jenna and the students and get a kick out them riding the opposing teams players and coaches like we used to do in HOT. The sound is fine where I’m at and the concession stand and toidy facilities are easy to access. Seeing very few opposing fan jerseys is a dream come true (shame on you for inviting the enemy). But probably my favorite thing is the crowd engagement and how it impacts play. That is something we really didn’t have at the Ferrell and has already tipped the scale at the Pavilion.

Leave comments and other questions below. Sic UT and UCF!