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NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Kansas State

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Basketpod: Huge Recruiting Win and a Frustrating Loss

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Huge Recruiting Win and a Frustrating Loss

The Baylor Bears have dropped their first conference game in Big 12 play with a frustrating loss on the road against Jerome Tang’s Kansas State Wildcats. Big, Huge, Massive Recruiting win. Stop me if you’ve heard this one, the Texas Longhorns are SOFT—coach flips out over a horns down?

This week’s episode outline:

• Scott Drew and Baylor win a Massive recruiting battle for Top 5 SG VJ Edgecombe, who selected Baylor over everyone else (Also ran: Duke, Kentucky).

• Bears’ home win over the Cincinnati Bearcats at Foster Pavilion.

• Bears’ loss to Kansas State in overtime.

• Texas Head Coach Rodney Terry is SOFT.

• Preview of Baylor’s match up against ole’ Rodney “Charmin Soft” Terry’s Texas Longhorns on the road in Austin (Saturday, 11:00am on ESPN)

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Go Bears and Sic Em!

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