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ODB Mailbag - Football in the Win Column Edition: Answered

Baylor football questions answered! Sic UT!

What is your take on the recent rule change to shorten college football games with the clock not stopping for 1st downs until the last 2 minutes of the 1st and 2nd half? Baylor had really only 7 possessions this past weekend (not including 3 plays total to end the first and second half) . That has to be a record. This was not just about the rule change but an indictment on our poor play on both sides of the ball. The defense was not able to get stops so Long Island had some long drives. On offense, we had some long drives with few passes. This speaks to our inability to make big plays and score quickly. Even if we scored on every drive, we would only have 49 points.

Joe Goodman: Ball control and time of possession are great strategies, just look at what Utah did to us in the second half of that game. That said, you do need to score and your defense has to keep the other guy from doing the same thing. The LIU game felt like a scrimmage. I’d have preferred going out there and dominating them, personally, but that didn’t seem to be the approach. Moving forward, if we can use the clock rules to our advantage, I’d love that. The other team can’t score without the ball. Well, mostly.

BNT: I like the rule, but to Joe’s point we need to figure out how to take advantage of it. It didn’t surprise me that we played very conservatively on offense last weekend as we’re down to one scholly QB and certainly didn’t want to get him hurt.

Is it possible they put in Shapen if he’s not 100%? If so, how healed does he need to be to play? Also, if he is healed, how rusty is he after missing 2 or more weeks for practice?

Joe Goodman: Shapen won’t play, Aranda has already said so. But, looking at this without the person in mind and thinking like the players are robots? There’s no chance I’d send a QB out there on a bad knee. Even if there’s no shot at making the injury worse, a QB needs his legs almost more than his arm. He plants when he throws, he pushes off when he throws, he needs to move around the pocket within the protection, and even escape when warranted, especially in CFB. I think his injury would be a big hinderance to him, and I’d only send him out there if there was a clear sign that the injury didn’t affect his mechanics or ability to move, essentially if the only issue was pain management.

BNT: We’re not going to risk Shapen when we have the rest of the conference schedule ahead of us after Saturday. We can lose this game, not that we will, and still be ok moving forward with Shapen getting back.

Will a Baylor wide receiver catch a touchdown on Saturday?

Joe Goodman: Safety is a weaker position for Texas this season. The wideouts have a better shot, in my opinion, than a tight end or RB to catch a TD. I’d lean more towards no though, as I think our offense is more likely to score on the ground, in close. But I won’t be surprised if we do beat them deep at least once.

BNT: I’m calling a Ketron TD!

Which is more embarrassing: losing to Texas State, losing to Ohio, losing to Miami (OH), or losing to South Alabama?

Joe Goodman: Texas State

pbpope: South Alabama just to be different. But historically, probably Texas State (though they may be good this year).BNT: Liberty

So how’s the BNT 10-2 season prediction holding up? Are we gonna run the table? At least, we don’t play Oklahoma.


What are your thoughts on Baylor alum Jimmy Walker’s recent criticism of the PGA Tour and the changes that have been made after the LIV hostile takeover?

BNT: I respect his opinion and don’t disagree.

Regarding Aranda’s remarks on the lack of energy...Who does Baylor need to bring in on game days to hype up the players and the coaches?

Joe Goodman: The coaches! As a manager, it’s my job to keep my team energized and on task. And if I can’t do that, I need to have someone on my staff who can. Aranda will never be the hype guy, but it’s on him to ensure someone in a leadership position is. You can’t rely on outside voices to make sure your team is ready and excited to play, that needs to come from within.

BNT: Shouldn’t need to bring in anyone, but if I was going to it would be

Is our DL too undersized?

Joe Goodman: In the interior? Maybe. On the edges we have really good size, but I wouldn’t hate seeing some more beef inside.

BNT: Don’t think it’s a size issue, but a health issue. This game will be the first all of are interior DL is available.

Horns down?

BNT: Forever

Why don’t coaches have Sawyer Robertson throw more? Guy has an arm + he plays the QB position. Generally a QB throws the ball more than they let him. I think his completion percentage would be higher if they let him pass on more than just obvious passing downs.

Joe Goodman: I disagree a bit on the arm. He can send it down the field, but he hasn’t really shown any zing on the intermediate stuff, which is where I think he really struggles, and where this offense works its best. Our offense isn’t the air raid or run ‘n shoot where we throw underneath by design, and we aren’t the Baylor of old looking to take the top off at every opportunity. Shapen and Bohannon were always the most successful hitting those intermediate routes that could gash you for 15 to 25 yards, and Sawyer hasn’t shown me the ability to do that yet. Add in his ankle injury and this being his first year in the system (he played under Leach at Miss St, much different here), and I do understand why we see the play calling we do. I’d like to see it open up more, because why not, what do we have to lose with trying? Maybe they’ve been playing it closer to the vest and Sawyer is healed up and ready to unleash the full playbook. We will find out on Saturday.

BNT: His arm strength isn’t an issue, it’s confidence. He seems to try and guide the ball. Confidence will come as he gets more in game reps.

What is your favorite way to eat a longhorn?

Joe Goodman: Lot’s of smoke, low and slow.

pbpope: Here’s the thing - there are different parts of a longhorn, and the different parts have different ways that make them delicious. But yeah... it’s either smoke, low and slow, or sous vide a longhorn to about 128 degrees then sear on both sides.

BNT: I prefer to feed a longhorn to Bears...Sic UT!

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