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ODB Mailbag - Good and Bad Edition: Answered

Baylor football and one basketball question answered.

I’ve heard it said that Grimes’ offense takes time for players to learn. Is this just not acceptable in the transfer era, when teams benefit from fast roster turnover?

BNT: Really good question which I don’t have a good answer for at this moment. As I said in the last mailbag, the coaches who are good recruiters and work the portal, along with x’s and o’s, will be the ones to hire in the future. Culture fit through the portal can be achieved, as we have learned. Scheme fit, particularly when it takes time to learn the scheme, definitely throws a new wrinkle in there.

When we beat Texas, how are we going to do that?

Joe Goodman: The gods will provide.

BNT: We should have Shapen back, the OL line gelling, and our D at full strength. If all this happens, we definitely have a shot.

A fun question but what do you think our overall rating will be in NCAA 24 for offense and defense? Who will be our highest rated player?

Joe Goodman: Defense B. Offense C+. Highest rated player - Shapen at like an 85

BNT: Defense B+, Offense can get to B- (I so hope). Highest Rated Player - Ketron Jackson at 89.

What was Dominic injury. Replay didn’t look good.

pbpope: Picked up a knee bruise I believe? But given that he’s not on the injury report, I believe he’s fine and will play.

BNT: Same as Peter said. I heard he had a little boo boo.

On a sliding scale from WEEPING AND GNASHING to SILVER LININGS to NO MORAL VICTORIES to VISCERAL OUTRAGE, precisely what is the correct way am I supposed to feel about this team right now?

Joe Goodman: Dr. Goodman prescribes all of the above in rotating 30 minute increments for 8 hours a day until we beat Texas.

BNT: How should you feel? Never give up! As a wise man once said

What is the latest update on Sawyer’s health and availability for Saturday? If he isn’t able to play, does Johnny Jefferson have any eligibility left to backup RJ?

Joe Goodman: Seemed to be a tweaked ankle. At worst we see some limited play action and QB runs against Long Island.

pbpope: No issues to Sawyer’s health or availability that I’ve heard.

BNT: Man, I enjoyed going to that Russell Athletic Bowl Game.

Given the context of the previous two games, as well as the quality of the opponent, precisely what takeaways of significance could possibly be gleaned from the game against Lon Gisland? Which performances or units or aspects of the game in particular should we focus on, in order to assess the trajectory of our team overall?

Joe Goodman: Great question, and it’s difficult to know against teams like this. I don’t know a ton about Long Island as an opponent, but with Baylor I’ll be looking for O-Line cohesion, route running, and seeing if the secondary can build off of what was a really strong showing against Utah.

BNT: Frankly, this will be more of a live scrimmage than game. The thing that I’ll be looking for is clean execution and mental focus.

When does basketball season start?

BNT: Nov 7th vs Auburn...which will be a good game.

Which loss hurt worse: that loss to UNLV under Steele, or this one?

Joe Goodman: The fact that all you have to do to really make a lot of Bears fans mad is say the four letters U, N, L, and V should tell you all you need to know.

pbpope: UNLV. Nothing will ever top the pain of that loss for me. It defined an entire generation of Baylor football. I have not and will never shake my keys at anyone again after that game.

BNT: lol

Does TTU being able to recruit 5* guys show how far we we have fallen and unable to take advantage of the success in 21?

Joe Goodman: These aren’t really interconnected in my opinion. Am I excited about our level of recruiting? No, but it’s not terrible. When it comes to Micah Hudson, that’s a unicorn situation for Tech. Kid is a legacy and a Tech fan. He legitimately wanted to play for them. Almost would’ve been a bigger deal if they DIDN’T land him.

BNT: Ask me again when they start beating us.

What area did you see the most improvement in? What area saw the least amount of improvement needed?

Cody Orr: Most improved group was definitely the offensive line, especially considering the opponent. Least improvement needed...probably the cornerbacks. They’ve been the best unit on the defense in both games.

pbpope: Hard to say which area saw the most improvement, but I’d say either LBs or OL. I’dgo with WRs/TEs as the least needing improvement? Maybe?

BNT: I like Cody and Peter’s picks. I’m going with the DL. They played much better and like warriors..they were just left on the field too long.

Which football team will win more games this season: the Baylor Bears or my Denver Broncos??

Joe Goodman: Baylor. Go Texans.

BNT: Baylor. Go Dallas Cowboys!

Leave comments and questions below. Sic LIU!