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ODB Mailbag - Football’s Almost Here Edition: Answered

Baylor football, basketball, and conference realignment questions answered.

If I cut the cord on cable TV, what would I have to subscribe to (besides ESPN+ of course) in order to watch all BU sports?

pbpope: A service that carries ESPN/Fox/other major sports affiliates. YouTubeTV will get you there.

BNT: What Peter said, Kid. But, I expect you to be at all the home games and join me on the Orlando trip!

How much money do you think Hunter Deckers made off of betting on the 2021 OSU@ISU game?

pbpope: I think the BEST outcome is if he got busted for gambling but never actually made any money.

Joe Goodman: I don’t feel bad for the kid, but I cannot help but wonder how he’s gotta feel to lose his entire athletic career for like 3 grand, based on the reporting for how much he gambled. Just so not worth it. Based on that, I doubt he made much haha.

David Hornbeak: Honestly, I’m surprised this is the ISU QB who is alleged to have gambled on games, given how bizarrely some of the ISU games ended with Purdy at the helm. Would make his randomly baffling play at points make more sense.

BNT: Enough to buy a sports tent?

How much longer do we remain the Big12 if 12 schools is not the target? What’s your recommended new name for our conference?

pbpope: We’ve been the Big 12 for over a decade with only 10 schools.

Joe Goodman: Big 12 forever

Jenna Patteson: Big.

Branden MacKinnon: Large Number

David Hornbeak: Bring back the Southwest Conference in name.

BNT: Big SouthWestEastSouthEastCentralNational Conference has a nice ring to it.

Is anyone else as elated as me that the prodigal Buffaloes are returning to the B12?? Any chance that Washington or Oregon follow them?

pbpope: A chance? Absolutely. Realistic? Maybe, depends on who you read.

Joe Goodman: I love having Colorado back! As for the others, what Peter said.


Related: where can I get a comically large cowboy hat like Coach Prime has?

Joe Goodman: Come on down to the Houston Rodeo next March, bet you can find one there.

BNT: I don’t know, but man this hat makes me hungry

Your thoughts on the MBB/WBB schedule release list of conference opponents? Bummed we will only get to beat Kelvin Sampson once?

Joe Goodman: HARD schedule, but a super cool one that will put us in plenty of marquee TV spots. Love it.

Jenna Patteson: I know it’s just not feasible with 14 teams, but I’m gonna miss the home-home with everyone each season. Still gonna be fun though, loving our new matchups!

Branden MacKinnon: I hope LJ hangs a 30 ball in the new pavilion but we beat Houston by 1.

David Hornbeak: Agree with Jenna whole heartedly. But lots of chances for Q1 wins.

BNT: I actually think the MBB schedule is favorable, the WBB not so much. Gonna be a fun season.

Do you reckon that single-digit jersey numbers will be a thing this season as in years past? If so, who do you think will/should get one?

pbpope: Given that they went from a player-voted thing to a coach-given thing last season, I doubt it stays much of a thing. It’s a good way to start the build of a culture, but don’t want it to become a popularity contest.

Joe Goodman: I agree with Peter here. I think it’s slowly being phased out, but who knows may stay a thing. I like it though, wouldn’t mind seeing it be our thing, if we do it right of course.

BNT: I’m not a fan. We must get back to each player doing their 1/11th. Execute your assignment and grin the trust of your teammates.

What’s the best news that came out of the offseason that bears repeating in case we were hibernating and may have missed it?

pbpope: BEARS repeating... ha ha ha... very funny stuff.

Joe Goodman: Honestly, I can’t get over Aranda’s continued honesty and openness about last year’s team and how they are fixing things. This team is self aware. That’s only step 1 of course, but you have to be introspective before you can fix issues. I’m excited to see this team be mentally tougher in 23.

David Hornbeak: Baylor got two new adorable mascots, Indy and Belle!

BNT: They’re gonna sell beer at McLane.

There was a question last week about the likelihood of CDA’s seat being hot if the team underperforms this season. My question is how much of that reflects back on Rhoades and/or the Administration and BoR for seemingly not taking NIL seriously and pushing back on companies/collectives that are trying to help the lower/non-revenue sports? It just feels like a missed opportunity to be able to compete for the best recruits and bring the Athletic Department forward ahead of our rivals while NIL is still the wild west and hasn’t been regulated yet.

pbpope: Honestly, I don’t think it’s a done deal that Aranda’s seat is hot after this season IF they underperform... so I think that the rest are completely safe... and should be. (edited)

Joe Goodman: This is a great question, and I think the only answer is we are behind, people know we are behind, and those people I believe are trying to figure out how to catch up. Even Aranda admitted they haven’t used things like the transfer portal well. So it’s once again about self awareness, and the ability to improve once you identify your weaknesses. I doubt CDAs seat is very hot though, and I don’t expect a huge underperformance this year that would make it much hotter.

BNT: Will we ever get the best recruits? Occasionally, but we’ve done some pretty amazing things with 3* players. It would be nice, but you have to know who you are and coach them KSU. I think the bigger question is how will the team rebound from last season, particularly with mostly Aranda guys? I believer we have “coach up” coaches. If CDA doesn’t hit 8 wins this season (very doable) his seat just got hotter.

Leave your comments and other questions below and Sic ‘em!