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ODB Mailbag - Football Kick Off Edition: Answered

Baylor football and basketball questions answered!

Now that the season is about to actually start, what is your favorite gameday tradition?

BNT: That’s easy. I’m always in my seat 15 minutes before kickoff to make sure I don’t miss this

Am I reading the depth chart correctly that Bryson Jackson is a 7th year senior?? If so, how has he pulled that off???

Joe Goodman: It is indeed true. He has a redshirt year and the COVID year, though I’m not sure how he grabbed the 7th because I don’t believe he ever medically redshirted, which is a common way to see the extra year added. I’ve looked around and found articles about him being a 7th year, but no specifics on how. I’d assume he’s gotten some kind of waiver though.

Cody Orr: I couldn’t find a solid answer, either, but I’d guess he took a medical redshirt in 2017 and it just wasn’t announced. I remember Rhule being coy with those sorts of things.

BNT: Ditto to what Joe and Cody said, and I’m glad he’s back!

Can Texas really win without Gary Patterson or should I just bleach my keyboard for having typed such an infuriating question?

Joe Goodman: Fire is the only cure.

Cody Orr:


What are your thoughts on the newly announced Baylor+ platform? Are you planning to subscribe to it? Was that really the best name they could come up with for it? Will it include an archive of the MBB game against Missouri on February 7, 2006, which led to Quin Snyder getting fired??

Joe Goodman: I will subscribe for sure, there should be some interesting coach interviews and behind the scenes looks. As for the name, the company they work with, I believe, uses that name consistently across the schools they work with. And for the actual content, reach out to Baylor, when we interviewed them after the release they said they would be happy to hear what people want to see, and that they have plenty of archived footage!

Jenna Patteson: I actually asked Matt for a raise specifically so I could subscribe. Who needs Netflix when you can watch old Baylor games that you already know the outcomes of??

BNT: I can never have enough access to Baylor content, so yes I’ll subscribe. Name wise it’s better than Baylor-.

BNT is predicting 5-1 in September, which I think everyone would count as a successful start. Do you agree or disagree?

Joe Goodman: 6-0. Next.

Cody Orr: Agree that 5-1 is a successful start? 100%. But no disrespect to BNT, I think it’s pretty unlikely.

BNT: That BNT is a righteous Bear and knows stuff.

Which true freshman has a real chance to play significant minutes this year?

Also, who played FEW minutes last year, but figures to play MANY minutes this year?

Joe Goodman: I defer to @Cody Orr

Branden MacKinnon: I’m offended @Joe Goodman

BNT: Being transparent, the above exchange regarding this question happened because we were trying to figure out if it was a football or basketball question. I’ll go with basketball:

In coming freshmen Ja’Kobe Walter (forward) and Yves Missi (Center) will both get significant minutes. Walter is a pretty much a lock on one and done. The player that played few minutes and could get many from last year is Josh Ojainwuna (forward). Our team is going to be nasty protecting the rim and on the offensive boards this season. what is the pod’s inside joke about Garmin Randolph??

pbpope: In due time, friend… in due time.

BNT: Since Peter never lets me on the podcast, I dunno.

Drop additional comments and questions below. Sic TXST!