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Baylor football season preview and prediction.

The time has come to drop my season prediction for our 2023 Baylor football. Most experts, and even Baylor fans, have us finishing on the low side with 5 wins and on the high side 8 wins. I think we’ll do better than the high side and here are the reasons why:

1. Baylor’s D will be much better than last season. Why? Last season the D was a big disappointment, so Aranda focused on shoring that up by bringing in a new DC (Matt Powledge) and some key defensive transfers. Powledge seems to have the D cohesive so far with a special emphasis on the DB’s. The transfer portal was good to us this past offseason, but particularly with the arrival of LB Mike Smith from Liberty U and CB Ajani Carter from Utah St. Both Smith and Carter are All Big 12 potential playmakers.

2. Like the D, Baylor’s O is going to be better than 2022. Our O Line will greatly benefit from BYU transfers, Clark and Campbell Barrington. This season’s line has the potential to be one of the top 3 in the conference. Add a deep and productive running back room featuring Richard Reese, Dominic Richardson, Bryson Washington, etc and Baylor should dominate most every game in the running department. Our WR’s are experienced and Ketron Jackson along with Monaray Baldwin should have big years if they remain healthy. Last season our skill positions were inexperienced, and it hurt us. This shouldn’t be the case for 2023.

3. The X-Factor. Blake Shapen being named QB1 last Spring was important. From all accounts, Blake’s ability and leadership have been outstanding during the Fall camp. Sawyer Robertson was brought in to battle him for the position and he rose to the occasion…iron sharpening iron. Look for him to have an excellent season.

4. Motivation. When Baylor underperforms in a prior season, they seem to bounce back and excel the following season. This team has a chip on their shoulders, and they’ll play like it.

Now for the season prediction.

Texas State – W

Closer than expected the first half, will pull away the 2nd.

BU 1-0

Utah – W

The 11 am start will benefit us.

BU 2-0

Long Island – W

No comment

BU 3-0

Texas - W

The last UT grudge match and Baylor will be ready. We’ll hear, or participate in, S-E-C chants at the end like when we sent OU outta Waco for the last time.

BU 4-0

UCF - L (we stumble in Orlando)

Trap game as it will be at home for UCF and their first ever Power Conference game.

BU 4-1

Tech – W


BU 5-1

Cincinnati - W

Welcome to the Big 12

BU 6-1


ISU will be in a downward trajectory by the time we play them.

BU 7-1

UH - W

Cougar High will not beat Baylor University

BU 8-1


Close game in the Little Apple, but a tough loss.

BU 8-2


Time to remind them of their natty championship embarrassment.

BU 9-2


Will take care of business.

BU 10-2

Baylor will be playing KSU in the Big 12 Championship.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the home games and grabbing a picture to post on my Game in Gifs articles.

Sic TxSt!