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ODB Mailbag - Football Is Almost Here Edition: Answered

Baylor football, football, and more football questions answered. what’s the ODP inside joke about Garmin Randolph??

BNT: Above my pay grade. I’ll ask Peter who might have an answer for next week.

What is a good year for this team? If Baylor has a good year, what most likely went right? If Baylor has a bad year, what most likely went wrong?

Joe Goodman: A good year is 10 wins and a trip to Arlington. A bad year is similar to what we saw last season. Reasons for a good year will be an improved defense, growth from the passing game, and more mental resolve.

Cody Orr: I’m a little more pessimistic than Joe. I think 9 wins in the regular season is a good year, and 10+ is a great year. If we reach that mark, it’s because the passing game becomes a more reliable threat and the secondary improves on third downs. If Baylor has a bad year (6 wins or fewer), it’s because the wide receivers struggle to create separation against even average quality DBs in the conference and/or the defense has the same third down conversion rate allowed as last season.

BNT: I’m with Joe on the 10 for a good year. A bad year will be anything below 8. Below 7 and the seat starts warming up under CDA...which won’t happen.

Considering the whorned frogs’ despicable hiring for their OC, how do you think fate/poetic justice will catch them this season? And how so long term?

Joe Goodman: I doubt he’s there long term, so long run who knows. In the short term he runs an offense that’s been schemed against for over a decade now. It’s st good, but no one will be surprised. They caught lightning in a bottle last year, and if it all falls apart due to the number of departures they’ve had, I’ll be laughing if he’s the guy holding the bag when it all crumbles.

mattisbear: This is football. We need to distance ourselves from the thought that football and the horrid things that were allowed are even remotely comparable in terms of importance. Let’s let go of the “fate” or “karma” talk as it relates to football.

BNT: Let’s just beat the frogs, which has been exasperatingly difficult as of late, and all the rest will take care of itself.

Will we win 7 games this year before the bowl game?

Joe Goodman: Yes. I like the changes that have been made both from a player standpoint and from a coaching standpoint. Aranda is saying all the right things, and he doesn’t seem like an all talk guy to me. I have high hopes.

Cody Orr: Right now I think 7 or 8 wins in the regular reason are the most likely outcomes.

BNT: I’ll give you a BNT Bold Prediction to your question

Regarding some Bears in the League, do you think Denzel Mims is done for? Also, specifically how should we be praying for Xavien Howard?

mattisbear: Injuries and football man, injuries and football. Hate to see that for Denzel, but maybe someone out there will realize what he can do at the point of catch.

BNT: It’s particularly brutal for someone trying to make it to get injured. Denzel has the talent and it seems work ethic. I hope he can come back. As for Xavien, pray as the Spirit leads. Should pray for the woman as well.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on my question posted on the last thread. Thanks.

Ok before I give up on divisions...don’t you think it’s helpful to have divisional champions? That way each conference has TWO teams that can claim championships and then you get an additional championship game. It also would help build rivalries (having 8 teams playing each other every year). What am I missing? Has some conference come up with a better plan?

Joe Goodman: The downside to divisions is the old Big 12 model. We had years where the South was just so much better and it didn’t feel right that a good but not great Mizzou or an average Colorado got a shot when the South had 2 or 3 teams that were being left out and were playing at a higher level. To be honest, we had it right when we played everyone and the 2 best got to meet to slug it out. I’ll miss knowing everyone had the same conference schedule and path to the championship.

BNT: I’ll take the same stance as last week. Let the 2 best teams fight it out in the Championship. I do not like divisions, so my stance on them is

If you had to pick one football opponent that you think could really define season for the Bears, who would it be?

Joe Goodman: Texas. It’s early in the year. It’ll be emotional. They have hype. It’s a rivalry. And they are really talented, like always. You win that game, the fans are happy, the team gets a big confidence boost, and you head into conference playing knowing you can compete with any talent level the conference has to offer. Utah is a close second for me as well. For many of the same reasons.

Cody Orr: Texas. It felt really good to beat them in the season following their announcement of joining the SEC, and it will feel almost as good to beat them now. Additionally, the game is early enough in the season that it can bolster the entire team’s confidence for the rest of conference play.

BNT: C’mon, no matter what we hear before the season we all know Texas won’t be back. Us beating them in Waco, which we will, is not going to define our season. The game that is going to do that is the next week in Orlando. UCF has a pretty good team and this will be their first P5 conference game...ever! They are going to be more than amped to play us and to make it worse it’s a road game. This will be the kind of environment on the road we need overcome. If we take care of business it bodes really well for us making it to the Big 12 Championship.

Any insight or guesses as to why Qualan Jones left the team?

Joe Goodman: Nothing but discord and message board rumors, which aren’t reliable metrics to repeat for a legitimate question. I honestly have no idea, but I wish him the best and hope it wasn’t for any major reasons.

BNT: No, but he’s another one that can use our prayers.

Please post comments or other questions below. Sic ‘em!