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ODB Mailbag - Post Realignment Edition: Answered

Baylor, realignment, realignment, and Baylor questions answered.

What are the downstream impacts of having so many good teams in a conference? If teams that were used to going 9-3 or 8-4 are now consistently missing bowls, what will this do to the fan bases? I’m thinking about schools like Oregon, Penn State, Texas, and others. What other downstream impacts will come from these changes? Will a school like Vandy be asked to pay back some money so the rich can get even richer? How will the west coast schools handle the Big 10 travel requirements?

Joe Goodman: Woo, in depth question here, but let’s go. For impact to teams facing more condensed competition, take a look at Nebraska. The fanbase hasn’t really wavered, but has grown maybe a bit more apathetic, but those marquee name teams are state flagships for the most part, they’ll be ok with fan support. As for paybacks, maybe down the road if we see further consolidation into an NFL type model, but from everything right now, it appears to be if you’re in you’re in. As for the travel aspect, no clue how that works for non-football sports, going to be hell for some of those programs.

BNT: I’ll answer out of sequence. Schools of lesser value like a Vandy, will not be asked to pay back some money. But, I can see their portion of the pie shrinking. Travel will become an issue and some sports will become more regional based. As for depth in a conference negatively impacting performance, UT is already used to it so this will just be a lateral move for them lol.

How did you feel that none of the realignment rumors involved Baylor going to a lesser conference for the first time in ... ever?

pbpope: FANTASTIC.

Joe Goodman: I mentioned on the last Our Daily Pod that this was the first time we’ve been through this process since I’ve been a Baylor fan that I didn’t have a pit in my stomach the whole time. Was nice feeling safe for once.

Jenna Patteson: I’m a spoiled baby Baylor fan that’s never witnessed a super terrible Baylor but I love not being on the chopping block.


Of the new teams joining the Big 12, who are you most pleased/displeased about? Slightly different question, who are you most/least looking forward to playing in football? Basketball?

Joe Goodman: I really like the Utah addition, even if their fans were a little crazy to start, but I feel like they’ve gotten better already. On the negative side, I’m not a fan of adding UH. Just elevates a program we might have to compete with in recruiting. Apologies to my Coog dad.Most looking forward to play against? Colorado in football, I love Denver and it’s Deion, come on. For basketball, easiest answer here, Arizona.

Jenna Patteson: I see Joe’s point about UH, but I’m excited to add them because it’s a manageable road game to make, especially for students! We can’t all afford to fly to Provo, but we can (and will) definitely rally for a 3 hour drive.I second the excitement for Colorado in football. My goal is to stake out by the buses the first time they come to McLane and meet Deion.Basketball I don’t really care, I love the current Big 12 matchups, but I’ll take the chance for us to beat up on anyone idc

BNT: I’m not displeased with any. I can’t wait to go back to Provo for games against BYU...I expect the fan engagement will be similar in basketball as it was in football, which was incredible. Also, looking forward to some heavy weight basketball games against Arizona. Oh, and even though BYU didn’t have beer concessions they did have these

Should the Big 10 add Cal and Stanford and then create a ten team western division called the PAC 10?

Joe Goodman: Yes, the eastern division would also have 10 teams so we could call it the Big 10. The two winners could play in the Rose Bowl every year.

BNT: lol Seriously though, Stanford may be G5 bound and Cal doesn’t care where it lands...or doesn’t.

What do you think the PAC 4 teams should do now?

pbpope: No idea... Pray?

Cody Orr: Stanford should seriously consider going independent. They are the most likely one to have the financial resources to fund it, and you don’t want to shun the Olympic sports off to a lesser conference with greater travel requirements. (edited)

Joe Goodman: Agree with Cody on Stanford. Survive on your own for a while and maybe a spot comes open somewhere for you down the line. Oregon State and Washington State should go where they can snag the most cash. Cal, I just don’t know really. I’m still not sure they know.


With all the changes, should the Big 12 change its name (like it did from 8 to 12)? If they do, what name would you propose?

pbpope: Nah. We’ve been the Big 12 with ten teams for a decade. We’re the Big 12 henceforth. I’m fine with that.

Cody Orr: Looking at a map of the new Big 12, I couldn’thelp but think that we’d make sense as the “Southwestern Conference” if not for Cincinnati, WVU, and UCF.

Joe Goodman: I’m good with staying as the Big 12. No one has killed it yet, why kill it now?

Jenna Patteson: Numbers are fake anyways

Cody Orr: You take that back, Jenna!

BNT: Hateful 8 and Their Hateful Friends

What happens to Baylors non conference schedule next year considering Utah was our main non conference opponent who will be joining the big 12 next year?

pbpope: We talked about this on the podcast a bit... I haven’t seen a definitive answer yet, but it could be that we go the UNC-Wake Forest route and just keep it as a non-conference game (UNC-Wake played a non-conference game as conference mates in 2021, I believe). Not the first choice, but who knows what will be available on such “short notice.”

Joe Goodman: This is a tough one, but there will likely be more shuffling in this space as this wasn’t the only impacted game due to realignment. I’m sure we will know more as schools start settling in.

BNT: We should do an OCC alliance with the MWC and play one of Oregon St, WSU, Stanford, or Cal. Next add? Incarnate Word?

If had to trade one of the new 8 XII schools for any other team, which school would you chose and which schools would you replace it with? (Or are you perfectly content)

pbpope: I’d say swap out Houston, but I have no clue who I’d suggest replacing them with.

Joe Goodman: Swap Houston for Notre Dame. I don’t care if it’s a stupid answer I get to choose and you didn’t put limits on me.

Jenna Patteson: Switch out UCF for Liberty, that way Charlie Brewer can have been QB1 for three different teams in the same conference

BNT: I’d swap Texas for anyone. That wish has come true, so I’m good.

Let’s get your take on 2024 divisional alignment within the Big 12. It seems logical to me that there will be a “former Big 8 plus BYU” division (UU, BYU, UofA, ASU, ISU, KU, KSU, CO) and a “Texas and beyond” division (BU, tcu, tt, UH, UCF, WVU, Cin U, OSU—yep, breaking from the Big 8). Then each school plays 7 divisional games and 2 from the other division that rotates year to year. This would “save” the obvious “rivalry games” like ASU vs. UofA, BU vs. tcu and so on. We might even get to where we can really dislike UofH too! Anyway, if you look at recent “quality” of school’s records and current trends, that seems to put 3 good programs in each division. Ok, now it’s your turn. Bring it on!

pbpope: There won’t be Divisions. Divisions are a thing of the past and they should be. I would expect either “scheduling pods” or “protected rivalries” or something like that, where you play some every year but are able to play the rest of the league within a 2-3 year period. None of this “teams don’t play for 37 years” nonsense like the SEC did.

Cody Orr: I don’t hate divisions as much as Peter does. It just means you can’t claim to have a good SOS when you’re in the lesser division.Besides, I would prefer Baylor only travel to Florida once every four years. Any more frequently and they run the risk of catching leprosy.

pbpope: I don’t hate divisions so much as I just don’t think they’ll be implemented as a way to parse out the conference. They used to be a requirement in order to have a Conference Championship Game under NCAA rules, but the NCAA did away with that when the Big 12 implemented theirs, IIRC. Now conferences are moving away from them. The SEC won’t have divisions starting in 2024, I believe.

BNT: Forget divisions, it should be a

I have two questions: 1. What is the over/under of years ASU and Utah stay in B12, and 2. Why is ASU prez acting like they’re Stanford?

Cody Orr: You haven’t heard? ASU is the Stanford of Tempe.

BNT: Where would they go? ASU prez I’m sure has been reprimanded. His rope probably tightened up after all of his shenanigans.

Post other questions or comments below. Sic ‘em!