Sink or swim we’re jumping in!

Yeah, when that fog horn blows,

I will be coming home. "Into the Mystic" —Van Morrison

As we sailgate up to the stadium through the fog and the mist(I know that’s just a million mosquitoes and the mist is coming from that cooling fan but work with me) , the fog and the mist that obscures what will solidify into the 2023 season, let’s brace ourselves with some music, shall we? YACHT ROCK RADIO!

Two out of three of these smooth songs seem to reference the moon. As we swelter through 11 am kick offs, is the DJ letting us in on her schadenfreude? "They" can tell where we listen from, you know.

"Moonlight (feels right)" —Starbuck

How would we know?!

Then that staple of YACHT ROCK comes on Air Supply. One game at a time. Don’t push me into thinking ahead to the Utes coming down from elevation (and a championship high).

Time for a yellow watermelon and cucumber sparkling water mocktail.Yes on the sword shaped fruit spear.

"I Can’t Go For That"—Hall and Oates

Will ODB have fourth down decision discussions on the game day thread? Do fish swim?

"You Can Do Magic"—America

Oh the canvas can do miracles,

Just you wait and see !

"Sailing"—Christopher Cross

Those moments, those poetry in motion moments!

"Don’t Go Breakin’My Heart"—Elton John and Kiki Dee

Speaks for itself.

"Leather and Lace" —Stevie Nicks

Many think this other YACHT ROCK staple is a love song but it actually refers to the football. Yes, that inflated urethane bladder encased in pebble grained leather consisting of four panels, the top two sewn together with white leather lace!

Turn it up, Turn it up, Turn it up, Adeiu !

"Orinoco Flow"—-Enya

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