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ODB Mailbag: Heading Into Summer Edition - Answered

Baylor football, basketball, and realignment questions answered.

How much does Baylor missing out on Grant Nelson and Oliver Nkamhoua hurt?

Branden MacKinnon: If Jalen Bridges doesn’t come back it hurts way worse. Really exposes us from a depth standpoint on the wing. But if JB comes back it’s not as big of a deal. Would have been nice to have those guys to manage minutes, but I think the staff may continue to hit the portal for a stretch 4, just may not be a big name.

BNT: Here’s a hot take for you, it won’t. This is going to be a very good team. Would it have been nice to have one of them? Yes. Crucial? No. I like what we have right now and bringing RayJ was the big piece needed. Also, from all accounts he’s a true alpha. I’m sure the staff has a plan in place for the 4, but my gut is that Jalen comes back.

I know the PAC-12 (10) is supposedly this great educationally based conference, yet AZ St. graduates have difficulty spelling zero. Thank God for the number. All that said, Arizona and Colorado appear ready to jump ship. So, what’s up with the other two four corners, seriously?

Joe Goodman: Don’t believe anything you read, and believe everything you read, who knows? These decisions happen at levels above athletic directors and coaches, these are presidents and BoRs making these decisions, and they don’t happen lightly. Also why jump before you have a number in front of you? There’s still a possibility that the Pac pulls more than the Big 12, not likely based on reporting, but until you know, you don’t know, so you stand pat. The Big 12 isn’t going to suddenly say nevermind to them, so they have no need to rush.

BNT: Who knows what’s going on with realignment. I think one to 2 will jump, but if not it won’t be the end of the world for the Big 12 (even if the PAC stays together short term, I think it will become a dilutive conference). Yormark is out there planning and making moves that will secure our status (and grow it) for the future. Man, that guy is impressive.

Will the dominance of the San Antonio Spurs during the next decade force the Mavericks and Rockets to transfer to the Eastern Conference?

Joe Goodman: Why are you including an organization with only one title in their history in this trash talk conversation?

BNT: That hurt Joe.

Will Sawyer be named QB1 by conference play?

Joe Goodman: No. Nothing that this staff has done says they’ll change anything mid season. If Sawyer doesn’t take it by week 1, it’s Shapen all year. Really think folks need to accept Shapen as QB1.

BNT: I tend to agree with Joe, only because I think Shapen will be improved and more comfortable. Having said that, I do think he’ll be on a short rope and have to prove he’s the guy fairly early.

I saw Corey Coleman catch a bomb TD in USFL game, and then slam dunk the football on the goalpost.....My question is are there any other bears in the USFL and how are they doing?

BNT: Yep. Drew Galitz with the Houston Gamblers has only appeared in 3 games, Jake Burton is a starter with the Philadelphia Stars and Corey Coleman leads the league in receiving yards,

Did any XFL bears get an NFL invite/contract?

BNT: To my knowledge, no Baylor player landed an NFL contract this year.

Who will be the most impactful transfer between RayJ Dennis and Jayden Nunn? Who will be the most impactful freshman between Ja’Kobe Walter, Miro Little, Dantwan Grimes, and Yves Missi?

Branden MacKinnon: Good question and love the chance to talk hoops in June.RayJ will be the most impactful transfer because of how often he will have the ball.The offense is likely going to run through him.He is a true three level scorer and is a microwave offensively. To the plain eye he will have the most impact.HOWEVER, Jayden is going to be an elite stopper defensively. He has the ability to score in bunches but the coaching staff fell in love with his defense. There will be games where Jayden has to lock up the other team’s best player and his impact may not show up in the box score. Ja’Kobe is likely the only freshman named above that will start. So his minutes alone will have the biggest impact. That being said, Dantwan’s redshirt year and development may be very interesting. He could be our backup PG and responsible for running the show when RayJ is off the floor. So from a volume standpoint Dantwan may be the answer here. Also Dantwan isn’t a true freshman so he will likely make fewer mistakes.

BNT: Definitely RayJ will be the most impactful. He was the top get out of the portal and addressed our most important need, PG. Ja’Kobe will probably be a one and done and will be the most impactful freshman. Y’all are going to love his game and fit.

What conference realignment dominoes do you foresee falling before media days? Will the Pac-10 ever get a new TV deal?

Joe Goodman: No dominoes before media days. Most likely additions in my mind will be a UConn or Gonzaga before anything with the Pac gets resolved. As for their TV deal, I personally believe (no sources just vibes) that they have a take it or leave it deal from ESPN/Fox. Those networks aren’t going to pull that offer, no reason to. So it’s in the Pac’s best interest to hold out as long as humanly possible to see if some amazing, miracle deal appears.

BNT: Agree with Joe regarding the Big 12 and UConn...maybe Zaga. As for the Pac and TV rights, let’s check in on the Pac headquarters and Commish George Klivakoff right now

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