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ODB Mailbag: Answered

Baylor football questions answered.

Do you think NCAAF 24 will be released at all with the current shenanigans from UK and USC collectives now wanting to sue.

mattisbear: Matt Brown, who runs the Extra Points newsletter, has been covering the release of this game in depth for months. He believes, and EA has stated that this will absolutely NOT impact the release of this game.

BNT: Nothing to add, for once.

Who is biggest dissapointment of D Lineman in pros from Brandon Roy, James Lynch, Darryl Gardner, or Phil Taylor and how do you think Ika will do in the pros?

BNT: Taylor probably had the most hype going in, but I don’t really consider any of them a disappointment. The NFL is a grind. I think Ika is a good fit for the Browns. If he can keep his weight under control, he’ll be a beast.

Do you guys know how our former QBs Charlie Brewer, Gerry Bohanan, and Jacob Zeno are doing at there new teams? Are the others starting like Gerry and if so, are they playing well? I love all these qbs and have been paying slight attention and hope they are doing well.

BNT: Brewer played in the Canadian Football League last year and is currently an unrestricted free agent. Bohannon is the QB1 for USF, but they really need to upgrade their OL or it will be another rough year. I don’t think UAB has named a starting QB yet, but with incumbent Hopkins gone and Zeno getting significant snaps last year, he’s probably in the drivers seat.

Playing Utah and UT

2-0: 10+ win season

1-1 7-8 win season

0-2 another losing season

mattisbear: If you bumped the second tier from 7-8 to 7-9, I would say this is almost completely accurate. I like Utah, but they are beatable. I like Texas’ roster, this year, but they are ALWAYS beatable. 2-0 could just mean Baylor caught them at the right time, or it could mean Baylor has put all the pieces together (again).

pbpope: I don’t think going 0-2 against those two guarantees a losing season. They could win their remaining home games and lose every road game and be 6-6.

BNT: Oh we’re going 2-0, c’mon

Concerning Baylor legacy DJ Lagway, do you think because of the way regular season 2nd string quarterbacks have been relegated for playing time only when the starter (Brewer/Shapen) has been injured despite their underwhelming play which leads to off season transfers has anything to do with his lack of interest? Seems like a perfect fit for Grime’s system

pbpope: My understanding is that he was always looking at the bigger fish... perhaps related to NIL, but I’m not 100% on my recollection there.

BNT: What Peter said is my understanding as well.

Post other questions and comments below. Sic ‘em!