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ODB Mailbag: Spring Sports Edition - Answered

MBB, Transfer Portal, NCAA, and other things!

daddingo: I know she called you, “Baby” one time. How are we supposed to feel about CKM winning a championship that quickly, and not for Baylor?

Joe Goodman: However you want. It’s no different than any breakup, there’s no timeline. But at some point you gotta let it go. I try to focus on Baylor, and she ain’t a part of that anymore. She’s a great coach, she did great things here, but you don’t need to focus on what she does elsewhere. Let’s focus on supporting the people who are here.

Jenna Patteson: I think it’s not really worth much thought. Kim won nattys at Baylor and it was great, now she’s moved on and we have another great coach doing great things in Baylor. My favorite storyline from the weekend is the hype around WBB and a FANTASTIC final four for the ladies.

pbpope: Joe & Jenna both said it well (as will BNT, no doubt). Feel however you want. I personally will not spend time pining over her . She’s an objectively fantastic coach, but I don’t miss her.

BNT: Meh...I get called baby all the time. Stop being so jealous DD.

325Bear: MBB: What position/skillset do we target in the transfer portal after likely losing almost our entire starting lineup? Any names you’re high on based on who’s available so far?

BNT: Most likely a point guard if Flagler leaves and a stretch 4. PG fits would be VCU’s Ace Baldwin, ASU DJ Horn, or UNT Tylor Perry. Stretch 4 maybe Graham Ike from Wyoming, Tennessee’s Olivier Nkamhoua, or George Mason’s Josh Oduro. Drew and staff do a very good job in the portal keep things really close to the vest. But, I expect some moves this month.

GraysonDupre: What are the keys for Baylor Basketball to contend for top seeds and a Big 12 title with the loss of Cryer?

Joe Goodman: Continue with what they’ve been doing for years. We’ve benefitted plenty from transfers coming in, of course we would be losing guys to the portal eventually. The best coaches in this new era will be great roster managers, and I think Drew has proven that’s a strength of his. Trust in the guy who’s won it all for you. I for one am super excited about the guys we already know are headed to Waco, and can’t wait to see who’s added to that list.

BNT: I hate losing LJ and appreciate what he did during his time at Baylor. Having said that, I think we can find a guard who is athletic, can score, can handle the ball, and play D...which is the huge piece for me. The guys we have coming in, Walter and Little, both fit that profile. We’re trading out 5’11” for 6’4 and 6’6” respectively. Both will play and a good bit. The wildcard will be the portal. Again, I think there are some good players out there.

Your_Bailey_Bear: In her trophy ceremony, HCKM said that she was successful because she’s not afraid of big personalities. Does Baylor need more big personalities?

Joe Goodman: Please include a picture of Aranda after winning the Big 12. Ask this guy how big his personality is

Jenna Patteson: There’s different ways to win, doesn’t require a big personality. Mulkey requires big personalities because she IS a big personality, but that doesn’t mean it’s needed to win and be successful.

pbpope: No

BNT: You need to be a good coach with good players to win. You can also be a good person and humble.

PioneerSkies: Do Brent and Hornbeak have the guts to do a season recap episode??

pbpope: I think they— (checks backlog of offseason podcast ideas, work/life loads, technical issues)— I believe I will refrain from any further comment on this topic.

BNT: lol

PioneerSkies: Why is it that four NCAA tournament games can be played simultaneously, but all of them have commercial breaks at the EXACT SAME TIME??

Joe Goodman: Because it’s all scripted!

pbpope: I was able to get in on YouTube TV’s pilot of the “multiview” (i.e. four-screen picture-in-picture), and the number of times this happened bugged the crap out of me. Four different games starting at four different times, yet they always seemed to line up when it came to commercials!

BNT: Simple

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