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ODB Mailbag - Big 12 Basketball Tournament Edition: Answered

Baylor Men’s & Women’s basketball, Big 12 Tourney, and March Madness questions answered.

Your_Bailey_Bear: This season blue blood North Carolina went from final four to the wrong side of the bubble. How many seasons can HCSD keep the NCAA tournament streak alive before Baylor has a legitimate rebuilding year.

mattisbear: I honestly don’t see a full “tear down / rebuild” year in the near future. You see multiple programs able to sustain success. Matt Painter (even in what was supposed to be a “down year” this year), Mark Few, Mick Cronin, etc. College basketball programs are only limited by the quality of coaching (not changing anytime soon), the quality of players (seems to be increasing if recruiting is an indicator), or the financial commitment to the team (doubt this is changing anytime soon either).

Branden MacKinnon: There won’t be a down year on the horizon due to what can be controlled in the building as Matt said. The concept of a rebuild very well may escape Baylor until CSD retires in 40 years

BNT: C’mon, we all know CSD can’t coach

PioneerSkies: What needs to happen in Kansas City for MBB to secure a 2 seed on Sunday?

Branden MacKinnon: I really think a win at ISU locks it up. But I’m not even sure it’s a MUST

BNT: Yeah, get to the semi-finals

PioneerSkies: Coaching chaos!! Is Mark Adams’s service at a permanent end in Lubbock? Will Tech hire Rodney Terry after UT woos Calipari? What’s it gonna take for Paul Mills or Grant McCasland to get a more prestigious gig? If it happens, where do you think they might land?

mattisbear: Yeahhhhh I’m thinking Mark Adams has coached his last game in Lubbock. A few different media members have said there were rumors of “weird” things happening over there this last year, plus the very uninspiring roster construction and performance... probably time for a change.

Branden MacKinnon: Tech is a dumpster fire right now. Players transferring too.

BNT: Mills or McCasland at Tech?! You talking about the strongest MBB P5 conference in the country getting stronger

Your_Bailey_Bear: MBB is officially slated for an Iowa State rematch on Thursday. What can HCSD do to get a different outcome than last time? Is ISU just a bad matchup?

Branden MacKinnon: ISU is a bad matchup, but the loss at home was horrific execution offensively which led to the defense looking disconnected and fatigued (in my opinion). I think we can get it done but not the end of the world if we don’t

BNT: I’m a big believer that some teams are bad matchups for better teams. Don’t get me wrong ISU is a good and dangerous team, but we should beat them on paper. Their length and athleticism give us fits up top. This team is good enough to win, but it’s not a given like the ‘21 team which had the talent to overcome any matchup thrown at ti. So, the matchup makes me nervous.

TarBear69: If Keyonte George goes NBA after this season, will Langston Love fill that role for a longer time? Love has been putting in some quality minutes this year.

mattisbear: Langston Love will certainly have his opportunity to take that starting spot. But also look out for incoming freshman Miro Little and/or JaKobe Walter to press for starts as well.

Branden MacKinnon: Keyonte is outtie for sure. But guys like Dantwan, Miro, and Langston can all run the 1. Something to watch is if LJ stays.

BNT: Along with Matt and Branden’s comments let me throw one more name out there to add to the mix for PG next year

IrvingParkBear: Is Iowa St. Baylor’s kryptonite or is it 2nd halves?

Branden MacKinnon: TJ Otzelbergers polo is our kryptonite

BNT: Yes

Your_Bailey_Bear: I’ve always thought of Cait Bickle as a great glue guy player, like Melissa Jones or Nae Nae Hayden. Considering how she has put the team on her shoulders this season, is she actually an all-time great, ring of honor player in the Baylor Pantheon, up with Nina Davis and Lauren Cox?

BNT: I don’t think she’s ring of honor, but she is certainly the Bridges of the WBB team and will be remembered as on of the Baylor favorites when she’s gone.

Your_Bailey_Bear: Which newcomer is the most important to Baylor’s success this season: Love, George, or Bridges?

Branden MacKinnon: Keyonte 100000000%

BNT: Branden has a man crush on Keyonte, so his answer isn’t a surprise lol. Key is amazing for sure and can take over a game, but we have a 5 guard rotation that can pick up the slack if he’s not on or out. When Bridges is out, uh oh. So, Bridges is the most important as he’s a true glue guy.

Your_Bailey_Bear: Basketball rules question: why is it a foul to incidentally bump someone’s leg or poke their arm, but incidentally slapping Langston in the face and incidentally gashing his eyeball are not fouls?

Branden MacKinnon: NOW THIS I CAN GET BEHIND. Bc big 12 refs are inept individuals

BNT: Bridges actually accidentally poked Langston’s eye. But, you make a good point because when we have the ball the refs definitely allow D’s to do this to us

GraysonDupre: Since I am official member of the Dale Bonner enthusiasts fan club, watching him play great Saturday made me look forward his future with the bears. How big of a role do you think Dale will carve out in future years with recruits like Miro little and Walter coming to Waco?

mattisbear: What size role for Big Dale Bonner? Are you serious right now? It is right there in the name?As he gathers experience this season, look for him to be one of the elder statesmen on next year’s squad. Minutes might not reflect how important he will be.

Branden MacKinnon: Uhhhhhh dale unfortunately may be outtie

BNT: Big Dale will definitely be part of the rotation with his low TO to Assist ratio, having re found his 3 shot, along with his elite D.

yourbearman: How important was it that we showed we could win without Keyonte?

Branden MacKinnon: I think it’s important to show the balance of the team. But I think for us to make any sort of run Keyonte has to be a key (no pun intended) piece

BNT: Important, but I agree that we need him for the stretch run.

aintathangbutachickenwing: Why has MBB been so hot and so cold at times this season?


  1. A bunch of new pieces
  2. A really difficult schedule
  3. A long season
  4. The players all seem to be 18-23 year olds.

Branden MacKinnon: Tbh I think a lot of our in game coaching success historically, lives in Manhattan Kansas now

BNT: I think we’re lacking a true alpha dog.

Post your comments or other questions below and Sic ISU!