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Big 12 Championship Food Review

This list is very incomplete as I was only able to attend the second session of the tournament, and the concessions team did not do a very good job in preparation.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament First Round - West Virginia vs Texas Tech William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Okay as a preface, I promise did everything I could to eat as much as possible. I actually ate four of the foods by halftime of the first game of Session 2. After this all of the other foods I needed to try were sold out for the rest of the day. But, let’s talk about what I did eat.

The Longhorn Quesadilla (Steak)

First snack of the day could’ve played into this some, but I really enjoyed the Longhorn Quesadilla. It wasn’t anything special, but I get down for a good quesadilla. At times it did feel like I was just eating a plain cheese quesadilla so more steak could’ve been thrown in. I wish the salsa would’ve been spicy, but that’s just personal preference. Overall: 7/10

Longhorn Quesadilla Will Boles

Kansas State Wabash Cannondog

Call me picky, but I thought this thing was absolutely rancid. it was a plain hot dog, wrapped in bacon, with purple pickle relish on top. I think it has promise to those of you who enjoy relish, but the bacon was barely cooked and incredibly slimy. Genuinely bad experience for me. Overall: 0/10

Wabash Cannondog Will Boles

Cyclone Tenderloin Sandwich

Okay so by the time I got there they had no onions or pickles, but I really enjoyed this sandwich. The hoagie bun was super good and the pork tenderloin was fried well and super crispy. It also had mustard which added a little big of tang. Loved this one. Overall: 8/10

Cyclone Tenderloin Will Boles

Red Raider Burger & Texas Beans

Okay so Mom and I split this one up; I took the burger and she took the beans.

Coming from her: “The beans were a combination of smoky and sweet deliciousness. Throw a couple of jalapeños from the burger on top for some spice, and it made for a perfect compliment.” Overall: 9/10

Now to the burger. The burger was good. It had a nice crust and I enjoyed the sweet jalapeños on top. I didn’t love the barbecue sauce that they added but it still made for a nice burger. Overall: 7/10

Red Raider Burger Will Boles

I didn’t get to eat anything else unfortunately, and I was incredibly sad that I didn't get to try the Mountaineer Roll which I believe sold out first along with the Baylor Dr. Pepper Float. This was such a cool idea from the Big 12, but they definitely need to prepare more food next time. They sold out before the players of the second game of the session even began warming up. If they do this next year, it will definitely make for a great dining experience.