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ODB Mailbag - Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua Is Back Edition: Answered

Men’s basketball, Women’s basketb

Before we launch not the mailbag, I want to clarify that in Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua’s culture names are very significant. He feels that JTT is disrespectful and prefers his full name or EJ (he really likes Everyday Jon). I have edited the questions referring to him as JTT. Didn’t think you’d mind.

Coach_Roberts19: I’m making the call... Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua will be the missing piece to send BU to the Final 4.

Joe Goodman: I like your calls.

mattisbear: It is so statistically implausible to predict ANY team from the field will make the Final Four. Which means the second Baylor MBB championship will taste even sweeter.


Your_Bailey_Bear: What is required for WBB to finish the season with its 13th consecutive Big XII regular season championship?

Joe Goodman: More wins, team is in a similar spot as they were last year. Keep beating teams like Iowa State and it’s right there for them.

BNT: Hitting their free throws at the end of the game, unlike they did against OU grrr.

PioneerSkies: Did y’all hear that Bama is hiring Kevin Steele?

Joe Goodman: I have looked, and they do not have UNLV on a future schedule.

pbpope: Even if they had, it’d be super weird if the Defensive Coordinator was calling the plays.


aintathangbutachickenwing: Is it true that Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua is so popular at Baylor that he has his own security guard?

Joe Goodman: Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua is his own security guard

pbpope Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua IS the brute squad.

BNT: 6’8” and 260-270?!

Your_Bailey_Bear: What are the biggest factors that cause a team like Baylor MBB to start getting cold in the middle of the season, and have a streak of poor shooting games? It just seems to me (a non-athlete) that your form and rhythm would get better has the season progresses.

Joe Goodman: Fatigue, defenses focusing on ensuring shots aren’t easy, players focused too much on iso, and pure bad luck. Kind of have to accept that this team is a foundational shooting team, we will go as the shooting goes, and with CBB players, sometimes the shooting just isn’t there.

BNT: Agree with, Joe. Look the Big 12 is not only the toughest conference, but also the most physical. It’s a grind each and every game. There are no cupcakes, well except for Tech. The Big 12 is the closest to preparing a player for the rigors of the NBA, as told to me by a scout.

thumb_up: I have a ton of love for Baylor Legend Shawn Bell. That said, after losing his signature QB recruit, how hot is his seat if Shapen doesn’t reach his potential next season?

Joe Goodman: Great question. A couple factors here. Aranda isn’t afraid to move on from assistants. Also, Aranda didn’t hire Bell. So the seat may get hotter. I doubt it’ll be due at all to the recruiting situation though, that stuff can be way out of a coach’s control, and through that whole process the staff believed they were in the clear, don’t think Bell could’ve done anything differently.

pbpope: There were a few missteps during the Novo recruitment, but as Joe said, I’m not sure that he could’ve done anything differently, and certainly wouldn’t have taken those steps without HC approval. I’m hopeful that we see real improvement from the QB position this offseason going into the fall.

BNT: You mean the guy who beat out Ohio State, Notre Dame, and A&M only to lose out at the 11th hour to Phil Knight’s Brinks truck? I’d say he’s a pretty good recruiter and recovered well. So, not on the hot seat at the moment.

aabbott13: How much better is our team with Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua back?

Joe Goodman: It’s pretty clear he added a boost of energy. Let’s hope that translates into the rest of the season and not just from his comeback.

mattisbear: I have a piece coming on this later this week, but almost all of the strategic priorities of this team become so much easier to achieve on a nightly basis with EJ in the lineup. It is a drastic, paradigm-shifting level addition.

pbpope: I’m personally excited to see how much is an emotional boost vs. how much he brings to the floor defensively. SO excited for the rest of this season. It’s going to be fun.

BNT: We just went from a Sweet 16 ceiling to the Final 4 (with a great chance of winning it all). His energy, LEADERSHIP, elite D, rim play, screens, and added 3 pt shot will just continue to get better. I can guarantee the rest of the coaching world is concerned about facing Baylor with him back in the lineup.

Thoughts on the 2024 QB recruiting?

pbpope: It’s early days.

BNT: We have some offers out and mutual interest. I think we’ll do ok.

PioneerSkies: Am I the only one who got a little verklempt when Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua checked in at the scorer’s table? Is it true that he still can’t lift his toes on the leg that was hurt?

Joe Goodman: Don’t know about his toes, but I will say my allergies definitely kicked in when he hit that 3.

pbpope: I cried many tears. I’m STILL emotional about it.

BNT: Back in the day I played with a guy that had 9 toes and he was really good. Toe movement might be overrated.

Feel free to leave comments and other questions below. Sic ‘em!